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SAS-L archives – July 1998, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. %INCLUDE on MVS 6.09

  2. %INCLUDE on MVS 6.09 (Bob Schechter)

  3. (MVS) Re(4): Books/Info

  4. 6.09 vs 6.06

  5. <No subject>

  6. Answers: HLO option in CNTLIN

  7. Basis for comparisons

  8. Boston Meetings

  9. Business Days Calculation

  10. CT - SAS programmer

  11. Calculating SD on rates

  12. Can I serve EIS via INTRNET?

  13. Comparing observation variables within 1 dataset

  14. Concatinating macro variables

  15. Concatinating macro variables SOLVED

  16. Consulting Jobs for U.S./Non-U.S. residents/Smith Hanley

  17. Curves Comparison in NLIN Procedure

  18. Date Format

  19. Difficulty With BOR Function

  20. Disconnect

  21. Does a macro to create a variable of weighting exist ?

  22. Drop variables based on date

  23. EM algorithm

  24. Electronic Statistics Textbook on the web

  25. Excel97

  26. FW: simulating variability

  27. Factor analysis

  28. Feature article on SAS in InfoWorld

  29. Features of distribution curves

  30. Formats Catalog

  31. HELP ON CODING....

  32. HLO option in CNTLIN

  33. Heirarchical modelling using Glimmix

  34. Help: GEE

  35. How do I format a macro variable

  36. How much does SAS cost?

  37. How to get value of SAS Working Directory

  38. How to read a text file in to a matrix ? (IML)

  39. How to read a text file into SAS if line size is big

  40. Internship positions in Biostatistics

  41. Invoke SAS from within Excel (or Vbasic)

  42. Job Opportunity in Washington D.C.

  43. Kappa and missing values

  44. Large File Support on UNIX

  45. Latitude/Longitude Data for Centroids of Canadian Postal Codes

  46. Learning SAS/AF and Frame

  47. Modular recursion in COBOL and SAS

  48. Modular recursion in COBOL and SAS (was: Re: Recursion in SAS - the exact query)

  49. Modular recursion in COBOL and SAS (was: Re:Recursion in SAS-the exact query)

  50. More from Peter

  51. No warning

  52. Normalizing distribution of a variable

  53. Nowarning


  55. OLE-question

  56. PDw.d format

  57. Perl to SAS for dynamic web publishing

  58. Perm Dallas SAS Positions

  59. Permanent and Contract Positions

  60. Porting SAS programs from MVS PDF to Win Catalog

  61. Post-Doc Position Available

  62. Postscript-graphics for Latex

  63. Printing Bold, different pitch

  64. Printing reports when 0 observations

  65. Question about ARRAY

  66. Question on Survey

  67. Re[2]: macro variable for file name?

  68. Recursion in SAS - the exact query

  69. Recursion in SAS macro language, reality or uthopia ?

  70. Recursion in SAS macro language, reality or utopia ?

  71. Regular Expressions in SAS?

  72. SAS AF Application

  73. SAS Consultant Avail for European Assignments

  74. SAS Export Wizard

  75. SAS Module Question

  76. SAS Position Available

  77. SAS Position at Prudential

  78. SAS Programmer Position

  79. SAS Programmer Positions - Stanford University, CA

  80. SAS contract position

  81. SAS opportunity in columbus

  82. SAS question

  83. Some macros you may find useful

  84. Statistical Consultant/SAS Programmer--SF Bay Area

  85. Sydney: SAS Developer Required

  86. Teleform: evaluations wanted

  87. Thanks: %INCLUDE on MVS 6.09

  88. Time Variable

  89. US/CA (Berkeley) position: SAS Programmer: NT/Sybase/Unix/FORTRAN

  90. Useful Macros

  91. Using INFILE wildcard and FIRSTOBS=

  92. Variable Names or Format?

  93. Wanding as input into SAS

  94. Warning: - No such use

  95. What and where is "Intraclass correlation"?

  96. Where Clause Builder

  97. calculating age from DOB

  98. cost of SAS ?

  99. distribution of dependent variables as prerequisite for PROC GLM

  100. endogeneity problem

  101. help wanted

  102. help: in2itive software

  103. macro for monte-carlo simulations

  104. measurement of change

  105. medical case mix direct standardization??

  106. my infile is delimited......and......

  107. new openings at epsilon!

  108. porting source pgm from main frame partitioned dataset t

  109. porting source pgm from main frame partitioned dataset to SAS catalog on Windows

  110. proc printto question

  111. proc printto question -Reply

  112. reading data from IBM mainframe

  113. reassign sas work library

  114. recruiting for manager of a sas group- NJ

  115. sampling

  116. sampling -- random keys and sorting

  117. saving to a text file

  118. setting system options in a macro

  119. simulating variability

  120. starting Notepad minimised from SAS for Windows

  121. starting Notepad minimized from SAS for Windows

  122. stats job opening

  123. subscribe

  124. test

  125. vsam in cms

  126. where date >= 9609; ?
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