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SAS-L archives – September 1998, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "/" Pointer Control

  2. "Automatic" libnames on Unix

  3. "Need a technical support!!How to make program automatic??"

  4. (MVS): Re(3) SAS Data Set Page Size

  5. 16-character limit on GPLT

  6. 4th variable on PROC GPLOT

  7. 90% confidence intervals

  8. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (80 lines)
      From: Undetermined origin c/o LISTSERV administrator <owner-LISTSERV@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU>

  9. <no subject> [fill in missing categories]

  10. All possible combinations in PROC FREQ

  11. BUFSIZE= and Data Set Pages

  12. BUFSIZE= and Data Set Pages -Reply

  13. Calculation of dissimmilarity/similarity

  14. Capitalization of comments in the Mprinted log of a Macro

  15. Consultants: Pharm/Phila Suburb/Central/Northern NJ

  16. Continuous dates w/ no lapse

  17. Counting interactions

  18. Crude CSV Writer

  19. Dataset page

  20. Downsizing SAS Apps from MVS to WinNT

  21. Exact Multiple Runs Test

  22. Excel 4.0 dataset to SPSS v.8

  23. FW: "Automatic" libnames on Unix

  24. FW: Applied Bayes Short Course

  25. FW: HELP PLEASE: SCL and MDDB Viewer

  26. FW: Job Opportunity in Washington D.C.

  27. FW: csv file
    • FW: csv file (127 lines)
      From: Rhoades, Stephen <rhoadsj@IMSINT.COM>

  28. GEE analysis

  29. HELP PLEASE: SCL and MDDB Viewer

  30. Help with Agregating observation

  31. Help with automatic datasets creation.

  32. Help: Anlysis of repeted failure time measurements

  33. Help: Testing IIA assumption of multinomial logit model

  34. How to create cummulative variable

  35. How to do a ``closest match'' merge?

  36. How to sort informat 'output' & not informat data itself

  37. I don't agree that "SAS Losing in a Big Way in Key Areas"

  38. I'm an idiot, please help! How to create cummulative variable.

  39. Importing mainframe print into PC apps.

  40. Info on Using Enterprise Reporter

  41. Interesting SCL bug

  42. Interesting SCL bug (no it's necessary)

  43. It works! Thanks a lot.

  44. Job opening
    • Job opening (46 lines)
      From: Izabella peszek <peszeki@MERCK.COM>

  45. Job opening - 1-3 yrs SAS in Charlotte

  46. Location of 1999 NESUG/SESUG

  47. MIXED | random nested models?

  48. MVS V6 V5 formats

  49. Macro to write CSV file

  50. Melissa's Birthday

  51. Melissa's birthday

  52. Message Undeliverable to cc:Mail

  53. NESUG '98 Is Now 4 Weeks Away !

  54. NESUG '98 Is Now Only 5 Weeks Away !

  55. NYASUG Meeting Announcement !

  56. NYASUG Meeting Announcement -- Reminder

  57. New York Area SAS User Group Meeting Announcement

  58. ODBC access that respects data-ownership rules!

  59. ODBC and EXCEL

  60. Ooops, it's a format and not an informat.

  61. Output based on Input


  63. Query: printing through data _null_

  64. Read Excel with SAS

  65. Reordering Variables in a SAS Dataset?

  66. SAS Contract Position in DE

  67. SAS Data Set Page Size

  68. SAS Insight Question

  69. SAS TIP
    • SAS TIP (31 lines)
      From: Chad Worthman <chadw@BIGFOOT.COM>
    • Re: SAS TIP (42 lines)
      From: Peter Crawford <Peter@CRAWFORDSOFTWARE.DEMON.CO.UK>


  71. SAS events in California?

  72. SAS losing in a big-time way.....

  73. SAS on P II with 2 HDs : Performance ?

  74. SAS regular expression functions RXPARSE etc.

  75. SAS v7
    • SAS v7 (17 lines)
      From: Bernard Tremblay <bernard@CAPITALE.QC.CA>

  76. SAS vs SPSS
    • SAS vs SPSS (24 lines)
      From: Liu, Liyan HSURC <liul@SDH.SK.CA>

  77. SAS-L mail

  78. SAS/IML Code Formatter ver. b 6

  79. SCSUG Early registration ends Sept 25

  80. San Diego SAS Programmer Opportunities

  81. Save settings
    • Save settings (17 lines)
      From: Josi Ailton Alencar andrade <andrade@INEP.GOV.BR>

  82. Simple macro question?

  83. Statistical programmer position at Gilead Sciences

  84. Statistician Position - Pioneer Hi-Bred

  85. Stop for Input
    • Re: Stop for Input (45 lines)
      From: Peter Crawford <Peter@CRAWFORDSOFTWARE.DEMON.CO.UK>
    • Stop for Input (33 lines)
      From: Myra Oltsik <Myra.Oltsik@RESPONSEINSURANCE.COM>

  86. Stored macros follow-up

  87. System date & time values in output file.

  88. This Stuff

  89. This Website (slocomputers) was HACKED by United Hackers HQ

  90. U.S. Pharmaceutical Consulting/Smith Hanley

  91. V7 due fall 98

  92. When SAS v7
    • Re: When SAS v7 (17 lines)
      From: Richard A DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>

  93. When SAS v7 and Humor (delete if you are humor-impaired!)

  94. Why advertise SAS jobs here?

  95. Windows NT with TSE and SAS

  96. Writing print method in AF

  97. Y2K testing options

  98. Y2k Fix Software

  99. [Fwd: Last Call for Collaborative Opportunity Participants]

  100. blanking a page and omitting these blanks at output.

  101. change of records

  102. change of records -Reply

  103. crude CSV writer

  104. csv file
    • csv file (18 lines)
      From: Tim Pi <timpi@FMRCO.COM>
    • Re: csv file (110 lines)
      From: Rezek, George <RezekG@MOODYS.COM>
    • Re: csv file (60 lines)
      From: Peter Crawford <Peter@CRAWFORDSOFTWARE.DEMON.CO.UK>
    • Re: csv file (86 lines)
      From: Self, Karsten <kself@VISA.COM>
    • Re: csv file (26 lines)
      From: Paul Kairis <kairis@HOME.COM>

  105. error bars *and* symbols in PROC GPL

  106. error bars *and* symbols in PROC GPLOT?

  107. first "SUGI"

  108. geocoding with sas

  109. glm vs genmod

  110. help with error message!

  111. how can I create a function

  112. libname options

  113. looking for entry level SAS position

  114. printing eis application from x-unix

  115. proc print
    • Re: proc print (54 lines)
      From: Roland <roland.rashleigh-berry@VIRGIN.NET>
    • Re: proc print (96 lines)
      From: Roland <roland.rashleigh-berry@VIRGIN.NET>
    • Re: proc print (73 lines)
      From: Ray Pass <raypass@WORLDNET.ATT.NET>

  116. repeated measures anova

  117. segmented model using nlin

  118. solution 2000......year 2000 crisis

  119. test-2
    • Re: test-2 (11 lines)
      From: Philip Primak <pprimak@GENZYME.COM>
    • Re: test-2 (13 lines)
      From: Philip Primak <pprimak@GENZYME.COM>

  120. wanted: spatial stat routines
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