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SAS-L archives – November 1998, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. (MVS) Re: Error in my Sort Procedure

  2. (MVS): Re: SAS MVS SMF SVC...

  3. <No subject given>

  4. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (82 lines)
      From: Undetermined origin c/o LISTSERV administrator <owner-LISTSERV@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU>
    • <No subject> (41 lines)
      From: Liu, Liyan HSURC <liul@SDH.SK.CA>
    • <No subject> (63 lines)
      From: Shiling Zhang <shiling@MATH.WAYNE.EDU>

  5. <no subject>

  6. A macro looping error

  7. Account transfer problem: Thanks!

  8. Any SAS "weekend" work in Charlotte, NC?

  9. Biostat Course Announcement

  10. Blackwelder test of bioequivalence

  11. Bootstrapping and related topics

  12. Contract SAS Opportunity

  13. Error in my Sort Procedure

  14. FIPS CODE / MSA codes

  15. FIPS CODE / MSA codes -Reply

  16. FIPS CODE in more4 detail

  17. FIPS CODE in more4 detail -Reply

  18. File Manipulation using Merge?

  19. Florida Job Opportunities!

  20. Fountainebleau Viewing

  21. GIF graphic drivers in SAS V7

  22. Graphing vbars of # of events by month

  23. Hausman's test for endogeneity

  24. Help with multivariate analysis

  25. Help with multivariate analysis (and Is List Server Limping?)

  26. Logistic Modeling

  27. Logistic and AIC

  28. Logistic and AIC - 3rd times the charm

  29. Logistic regression AIC????

  30. MVS PROC SORT (syncsort really) and the SUM statement

  31. NYASUG Meeting Announcement

  32. NYASUG Meeting Announcement -- Reminder #1

  33. Off topic - Czech email address

  34. PROC LIFETEST : Stratified log-rank test in SAS

  35. PROC SQL - FIRST.<var> equivalent

  36. Pharmaceutical Contract/Perm Openings-Smith Hanley

  37. Plotting Data by Month

  38. Postion for Experienced SAS, UNIX, CGI/PERL Programmer

  39. Postscript generation - /HELP ! {sas-l} def

  40. Printer setup under Windows NT

  41. Re[2]: A macro looping error

  42. Reading big file (2-3 GB) o IBM Mainframe

  43. SAS MVS SMF SVC...

  44. SAS Position

  45. SAS connection to ORACLE

  46. SAS macros for calculating area under curve (AUC)

  47. SAS-AF problem with data table


  49. SASTip -- Large formats -- resource impacts (was Re: Account transfer problem...)

  50. SASTip: Printing an "External File Viewer" widget

  51. Senior SAS, UNIX, CGI/PERL Programmer

  52. Std. Error or t stats

  53. Thank you/List of VB Books

  54. Unsubscribe
    • Unsubscribe (12 lines)
      From: Hou,John <John.Hou@ADD.SSW.ABBOTT.COM>

  55. Update: SAS Graph cgm files to Microsoft

  56. Visual Basic
    • Visual Basic (13 lines)
      From: Esther Colwell <ecolwell@WELLSFARGO.COM>
    • Re: Visual Basic (22 lines)
      From: Alan Neustadtl <alan@BSS1.UMD.EDU>
    • Re: Visual Basic (25 lines)
      From: Jindal, Shekhar [IBM GSA] <SJindal@NITGNPSD.TELSTRA.COM.AU>
    • Re: Visual Basic (35 lines)
      From: Schechter Robert RS <robert.schecter@PHWILM.ZENECA.COM>
    • Re: Visual Basic (27 lines)
      From: CHUCK MAKINSON <clmakinson@GOODYEAR.COM>

  57. _VALUE_ of Widgets in a Frame

  58. an easy question

  59. catmod - loglin.

  60. help
    • help (37 lines)
      From: Francois Torche <torche@BRUTELE.BE>
    • Re: help (34 lines)
      From: Self, Karsten <Karsten.Self@SCHWAB.COM>

  61. is the list alive today ?

  62. job opening in Seattle

  63. many-variable dataset to flat file

  64. moving around in unix SAS

  65. subscribe
    • subscribe (16 lines)

  66. what do you think?

  67. white standard errors
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