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SAS-L archives – April 1999, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (87 lines)
      From: Undetermined origin c/o LISTSERV administrator <owner-LISTSERV@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU>

  2. AND THE WINNER IS: Gurus, Faces, Mavens, Big Iron Guys ..

  3. Actual PROC FREQ question

  4. Backing Up SAS Datasets with Indexes on Multiple Disks

  5. Career advice-Work for SAS consulting firm?

  6. Certification

  7. Clearing OUT/LOG Windows

  8. Create Flat Ascii File from SAS Dataset

  9. DM commands: OUTPUT vs LST (was: RE: automatically saving SAS lo g, output;...)

  10. Dynamically opening MVS tapes (or any SAS datasets,

  11. FW: Actual PROC FREQ question

  12. FW: inverse hyperbolic sine of a number

  13. Fill order number for each block, thanks

  14. Getting postings on new subscription

  15. Help
    • Help (23 lines)
      From: <m233245@ER.UQAM.CA>
    • Re: Help (37 lines)
      From: Mohammad Mushtaq <mushtaq@UIUC.EDU>

  16. Improve your career opportunities with online certifications.

  17. Interpolation imputation for missing

  18. Job - Michigan Area

  19. KEEP= dataset option on input dataset in PROCSORTdoesn'tdowhat you think

  20. KEEP= dataset option on input dataset inPROCSORTdoesn'tdowhat you think

  21. LEAD Function Solution

  22. Leaking memory using SAS/Share

  23. Levene test

  24. Macro for testing for existence of a macro variable

  25. Macro question

  26. More SAS rats

  27. More SAS rats.

  28. New Hints & Tips in VIEWS News #6

  29. North Jersey/Pharm/Consult/Immediate

  30. Number Problems

  31. PROC REPORT newbie question (observation numbers)

  32. PROC SORT: Disk Size limitations

  33. Pooling subsamples

  34. Power regression

  35. Problems with CARDS statement in a macro

  36. Proc Tabulate Question

  37. Quality Partner vs. Certificaiton

  38. Quality Partner vs. Certification

  39. SAS Certification

  40. SAS Date Format Question

  41. SAS Programmer Positions

  42. SAS and NetWare server

  43. SAS installation

  44. SAS/Access problems under HP UX 11.0 and Oracle 8

  45. Scalable Performance Data Server

  46. Scan function question

  47. Simple Lag Problem Solution

  48. Simple Lag problem again

  49. Summing duplicate observations

  50. TAB Delimitied file


  52. The WHERE statement does not work for rawdata

  53. Tracking Mr Pider

  54. V7 Bug: ODBC Date Error

  55. Version Control in unix environment

  56. Win-NT Compressed Data vs. SAS-compressed Data

  57. [Fwd: Scalable Performance Data Server]

  58. certification tests (long)

  59. flatfile creation

  60. help
    • help (26 lines)
      From: <m233245@ER.UQAM.CA>

  61. inverse hyperbolic sine of a number

  62. libname
    • libname (11 lines)
      From: dragonite <scyther@MY-DEJANEWS.COM>
    • Re: libname (30 lines)
      From: Shiling Zhang <shiling@MATH.WAYNE.EDU>

  63. macro to make flat file and SAS readback file?

  64. ouliers diagnostics

  65. sas mode for emacs and command line for sas under win95

  66. subscribe
    • subscribe (12 lines)
      From: Dongjun chen <chendj@HOTMAIL.COM>

  67. test ignore
    • test ignore (9 lines)
      From: Khan, Muhammad <mkhan@OXHP.COM>
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