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SAS-L archives – December 1999, week 2

  1. (MVS): Re:SAS on a Mainframe

  2. (MVS): Re:Update statement/table indexes?

  3. 4th Quarter KCASUG meeting

  4. @ Last weeks of December 99 - For Those Who Take Life Too Seriously

  5. A > Q: informat w.d, decimal part

  6. A > Q: informat w.d, decimal part (Thanks!!)

  7. A SAS Problem
    • A SAS Problem (76 lines)
      From: Wang, Zhaoping (PCM - NJ) <ZWang@NA2.US.ML.COM>
    • Re: A SAS Problem (95 lines)
      From: Schechter Robert RS <robert.schechter@ASTRAZENECA.COM>
    • Re: A SAS Problem (144 lines)
      From: Schechter Robert RS <robert.schechter@ASTRAZENECA.COM>

  8. Accessing DB2 UDB V5.1 for OS/390

  9. Achieved Probability Explanation

  10. Antwort: Re: Need to detect empty file; How?

  11. Antwort: Re: Problem: SAS LOG-window full

  12. Antwort: SV: Graphing in SAS

  13. Any SAS Macro Tutorials out there

  14. Biostatisticians role in clinical trials

  15. Boston Job Opps

  16. Coder's Contest

  17. Compare Two Records

  18. Creating MVS PDS with SAS

  19. Customized FSEDIT, problems setting an edit flag

  20. Datawarehouses Powermart - SAS

  21. Deceptive problem with 'retain'

  22. Degree of freedom - proc mixed

  23. Distance betwen ZIP codes

  24. Elephants ... was: RE: Help Required

  25. Error Code YZBMLOK0

  26. Excel 5.0 (Office 4.3) failure

  27. FTP Frpm Unix to Novell Servers

  28. FW: Antwort: Re: Problem: SAS LOG-window full

  29. FW: Ordering variables in data step

  30. FormChar for Pretty Boxes on HP4M Plus Printer

  31. Format name length restriction

  32. Free alternatives to Base/SAS

  33. GLM Differences

  34. Giving a value

  35. Graphing in SAS

  36. Graphing in SAS (boxplots)

  37. Hardware Requirements for Best SAS Performance

  38. Help Required

  39. Help loading a IML Module from an External ASCII file.

  40. Help with MAPS

  41. Help: distance between zip codes

  42. Homogeneity of Correlations

  43. How to get the likelihoods of each observation when doing FIML

  44. How to include missing values on Update

  45. How to modify Format/informat

  46. How to summarize proc summary output?

  47. How to unsubscribe

  48. How to unsubscribe,thanks

  49. IS a GUI possible with SAS? (Visual C++)

  50. Inexpensive alternatives to Base/SAS

  51. Info about CompuStat

  52. Job opening - pharmaceutical - Philadelphia area

  53. Lag function and by groups

  54. Linux
    • Linux (15 lines)
      From: Mail <cosh@DCA.NET>

  55. Macro Variables in RSUBMIT Code

  56. Macro question

  57. Multi-States models

  58. Need advice on bootstrapping/CV/jackknifing

  59. Need help on PROC FACTOR

  60. Need to detect empty file; How?

  61. Not quite zero values

  62. Oprah, Nightline, Maria Shriver, 48 Hours, 20/20 and more have all interviewed this famous Private Investigator. Now, you too, can make a substantial income using Schweitzers highly sought- after SECRETS.

  63. Oracles Dates, SAS Access & Pass-Thru

  64. Ordering variables in data step

  65. Orientation of graphics output

  66. Outliers in PROC LOGISTIC and IML

  67. PC Program Scheduler

  68. PROC TABULATE Help Needed!

  69. Perl
    • Perl (15 lines)
      From: Mail <cosh@DCA.NET>
    • Re: Perl (29 lines)
      From: William W. Viergever <wwvierg@IBM.NET>
    • Re: Perl (32 lines)
      From: David Cassell <cassell@MERCURY.COR.EPA.GOV>
    • Re: Perl (25 lines)
      From: TheZone News <ctuck@DANSYS.COM>
    • Re: Perl (55 lines)
      From: Michael S Hines <mshines@PURDUE.EDU>
    • Re: Perl (34 lines)
      From: David Cassell <cassell@MERCURY.COR.EPA.GOV>

  70. Perl/DBI/ODBC: Connect error-Invalid String or Buffer Length

  71. Permanent, Fulltime SAS Job in So. California

  72. Permanet, Fulltime SAS Job in So. Cal (response to Roland)

  73. PolyAnalyst 4.0 - Final Release of the Leading Data Mining Solution

  74. Precision
    • Precision (34 lines)
      From: Neil Simpson <Neil.Simpson@NATWEST.COM>
    • Re: Precision (51 lines)
      From: Celina Zetterstrom Wilf <czw@SPARKRON.DK>

  75. Print Overrun
    • Print Overrun (31 lines)
      From: Werner E. HELM <helm@FH-DARMSTADT.DE>

  76. Problem: SAS LOG-window full

  77. Proc Logistic stats question

  78. Q: Survival analyses of bioassays

  79. Q: input function and informat w.d, w. bestw.

  80. Q: retrieve PROC PRINTTO destinies of LOG and PRINT

  81. Q: tricky data management problem

  82. RE(ason for): Ordering variables in data step



  85. Random SAMPLE : A new macro is avaible on

  86. Reading Oracle Clinical data using SAS

  87. Reading in multiple files of the same extension from a single directory

  88. Removing non - printable chars from fields

  89. SAS Analyst/Programmer Positions-NJ/CT

  90. SAS Certified Professional Training Guide was Help Required

  91. SAS Coder's Contest

  92. SAS FRAME "List Box" multiple select question.

  93. SAS IPO?
    • SAS IPO? (11 lines)
      From: RICH0850 <rich0850@AOL.COM>
    • Re: SAS IPO? (27 lines)
    • Re: SAS IPO? (10 lines)
      From: RICH0850 <rich0850@AOL.COM>
    • Re: SAS IPO? (44 lines)
      From: Theo DP <theodp@AOL.COM>

  94. SAS Programmer Position at New York University

  95. SAS V5 dataset question

  96. SAS Version 8.0 and NHANES

  97. SAS and Dell??

  98. SAS and Dell?? (NeoMagic video card)

  99. SAS and web positions?

  100. SAS question

  101. SAS to create pds

  102. SAS ver 6.12 Find Command with Special Characters on Win

  103. SAS ver 6.12 Find Command with Special Characters on Win NT 4.0

  104. SAS vs Cognos

  105. SAS-L Digest - 10 Dec 1999 - Special issue (#1999-402)

  106. SAS/IntrNet : Storing User-defined Styles

  107. SAS/IntrNet licensing (was Re: Perl)

  108. SAS?Warehouse Administrator Usage

  109. SOLVED: Win-95 Login Name

  110. SUR test using PROC SYSLIN?

  111. SV: Graphing in SAS

  112. Saving the option Autosplit in an SCL window

  113. Sending printer commands

  114. Set problem.

  115. Simple data step question

  116. Statistical Computing and the Year 2000

  117. Statistician/Analyst position at Harvard Business School

  118. Statistician/Programmer Position-N.California

  119. Status of Insert Key

  120. Strange data-step-problem

  121. TCP/IP access to SAS Connect

  122. Thanks
    • Thanks (14 lines)
      From: Lynn Foster-Johnson <Lynn.Foster-Johnson@DARTMOUTH.EDU>

  123. Thanks for the info

  124. URL access method from SCL: possible??

  125. Update statement/table indexes?

  126. Want certifies internet business Web sites

  127. What is the maximum number of processes?

  128. When large number of significant digits may be requir

  129. When large number of significant digits may be required

  130. Win-95 Login Name

  131. Writing to CLIENT from a program executed on the SERVER

  132. Y2K and Statistical Computing

  133. YEARCUTOFF is Millennium Shakedown

  134. _webout to a new browser window

  135. a cumbersome situation with data manipulation

  136. a random sample.

  137. a random sample. I published 2 macro program ...

  138. around (German) midnight interims thank you

  139. calculation of differences

  140. code for oracle error 000-936

  141. confusing MIXED test results

  142. digest request

  143. dropping character variables

  144. exact CMH (Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel) test for 2x2xk tables

  145. how to open sas dataset by a filename dataset?

  146. information
    • information (15 lines)
      From: Panos PAPANIKOLAOU <PapanikolaouP@CARDIFF.AC.UK>

  147. input function and informat w.d, w. bestw.

  148. interpolating from a table?

  149. loop for renaming of "missing" data

  150. macro question for axis order

  151. ora-00936 error

  152. q re: proc ARIMA vs. TS forcasting system

  153. re BOX PLOTS and SAS

  154. re; Format name length restrictions

  155. reset page counter when using multiple proc prints

  156. sas connect time out parameter

  157. sas graph overlay


  159. simple data step question

  160. summarize in summary

  161. test message to SAS-L

  162. vers 6.03 PC SAS files!

  163. webaf / mddb question

  164. weighted median -IML

  165. y axis spacing for graphs - solved
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