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SAS-L archives – December 1999, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Persistant" SAS Web Process

  2. "out of office" messages on SAS-L

  3. "out, of, office", messages, on, SAS-L

  4. (MVS): FILEEXIST problems

  5. (MVS): Re:Dictionary Tables

  6. (MVS): Re:SAS for Windows Version 8

  7. +++GET YOUR FREE PENTIUM CELERON-300+++____________________________________________________________________________________________weirou5tj telkwerlrjpa pertj rejoeij erlk

  8. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (17 lines)
      From: Gary McQuown <Gary_McQuown@FREDDIEMAC.COM>
    • <No subject> (34 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <JackHamilton@FIRSTHEALTH.COM>
    • <No subject> (59 lines)
      From: Josť Eduardo Corrente <jecorren@CARPA.CIAGRI.USP.BR>
    • <No subject> (47 lines)
      From: Christian F.G. Schendera <cschende@IX.URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE>
    • <No subject> (58 lines)
      From: Celso Henrique <celsohen@BSB.NETIUM.COM.BR>

  9. =?big5?B?UmU6IKWixco=?=

  10. ACCESS to SQL Server (v. 7) login problem

  11. AW: GLM Differences

  12. Access to SAS

  13. Antwort: Dynamically changing a data set name

  14. Antwort: Proc report macro question

  15. Antwort: Re: Simple data step question

  16. Antwort: Re: awesome girls

  17. Antwort: SAS and the spirit of sharing

  18. Batch-Queue management under WNT

  19. Checking the licence of a procedure?

  20. Coder's Contest

  21. Communicating with SMTP via SOCKETs

  22. Compare 2 datasets

  23. Count the commas (was: Free alternatives to Base/SAS)

  24. Dallas, TX, SAS programmer needed

  25. Data Merging
    • Data Merging (29 lines)
      From: abdu.elnagheeb <abdu.elnagheeb@BANKOFAMERICA.COM>
    • Re: Data Merging (57 lines)
      From: Roland <roland.rashleigh-berry@VIRGIN.NET>
    • Re: Data Merging (66 lines)
      From: Roland <roland.rashleigh-berry@VIRGIN.NET>
    • Re: Data Merging (109 lines)
      From: Dorfman, Paul <pdorfma@CITICORP.COM>

  26. Did I make myself clear? NO!!

  27. Dummy variables

  28. Dynamically changing a data set name

  29. EXCEL to SAS (missing values on date or time column)

  30. Error Code YZBMLOK0

  31. Exporting Data to Excel Using 6.09E

  32. FRAME entry and showing a progress bar

  33. FTP Frpm Unix to Novell Servers

  34. FW: Plays Well With Others

  35. FW: TCP/IP access to SAS Connect

  36. Fwd:RE: Problem Solved

  37. GCD Function in SAS?

  38. GLM Differences

  39. Giving a value

  40. Good-looking printed reports using V8?

  41. Graphic Output

  42. Happy Holidays! Permanent SAS Prog/Pharmaceutical/NJ

  43. Help with MAPS

  44. Help! Proc Report Table (Boxed) to Word

  45. Help: Data contains 0 observations ?

  46. How can I print a SCL code window

  47. How to compute Hurst coefficient?

  48. How to control digest I received?

  49. How to convert date into numeric value?

  50. How to unsubscribe,thanks

  51. I need a cross reference of zipcodes, states, and counties

  52. If you are interested in Web based applications, DBMS/COPY developer would like your input

  53. Input format question

  54. Instrumental Variables

  55. Jeff Gudmundson/RESEARCH/TAP is out of the office.

  56. Job Opening in SE PA / NJ

  57. Joining Tables in ORACLE Using SQL

  58. Lag function and by groups

  59. Linux
    • Re: Linux (37 lines)
      From: kmself@IX.NETCOM.COM

  60. MDDB : How to add a new variable

  61. MVS v6.09 SQL "CONTAINS" Problem

  62. MVS: SAS datasets corrupted on migration

  63. Making Small the size of output (plot or chart)

  64. Manual Classification Table

  65. Marginal Effects in Logistic Regression

  66. Merging and overlaying fields

  67. Not quite zero values

  68. Number of words in a string ?

  69. Number of words in a string ? - correction


  71. OPEN=DEFER (was RE: SAS-L postings)

  72. Open a SAS program on disk using Batch Submit

  73. Ordering variables in data step

  74. Out of Office.

    • PROC REPORT (42 lines)
      From: Jack Shoemaker <JShoemaker@ACCORDANT.NET>
    • Re: PROC REPORT (74 lines)
      From: Jim Groeneveld <J.Groeneveld@ITGROUPS.COM>
    • Re: PROC REPORT (82 lines)
      From: Jack Shoemaker <JShoemaker@ACCORDANT.NET>

  76. Perl code for SAS transport files

  77. Perl vs SAS? What about the database software?

  78. Perl, SAS, and MySQL

  79. Permanent positions - NJ

  80. Plays Well With Others

  81. Problem Solved

  82. Problem with criteria for append Query

  83. Problem with criterial for append Query

  84. Proc ACCESS to Oracle....errors

  85. Proc Export question (V8)

  86. Proc NLMIXED available in v.6.12?

  87. Proc SQL headed by variable name instead of variable label

  88. Proc report macro question

  89. Programmer Position - D.C. - SAS incl. Web tools

  90. Q: DB management: hardware software recommendations

  91. Q: deleting setting zero data to save disk space

  92. RE(ason for): Ordering variables in data step

  93. Reading Variable length txt files

  94. Reading in multiple files of the same extension from a single directory

  95. Repeated measures with GLM

  96. Retrieve username in Windows98 with SAS

  97. Return Values in a Macro

  98. SAS 6.12 with OLE automation

  99. SAS Ballot
    • SAS Ballot (12 lines)
    • Re: SAS Ballot (25 lines)
      From: Schechter Robert RS <robert.schechter@ASTRAZENECA.COM>
    • Re: SAS Ballot (37 lines)
      From: Ann Stephan <ann.stephan@CPA.STATE.TX.US>
    • SAS Ballot (39 lines)
      From: Patton, Nancy (CAP, CARD) <Nancy.Patton@GECAPITAL.COM>

  100. SAS Code to Calculate Withdrawal Periods

  101. SAS Coder's Contest

  102. SAS Communications Q&A 4Q99

  103. SAS Date problem

  104. SAS IPO?
    • Re: SAS IPO? (22 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>
    • Re: SAS IPO? (33 lines)
    • Re: SAS IPO? (30 lines)
      From: Melvin Klassen <Klassen@UVIC.CA>

  105. SAS Periodicals & Publications

  106. SAS V8 On The S/390

  107. SAS and the spirit of sharing

  108. SAS for Windows Version 8

  109. SAS pseudo-inverse

  110. SAS pseudo-inverse-THANKS

  111. SAS ver 6.12 Find Command with Special Characters on Win

  112. SAS ver 6.12 Find Command with Special Characters on Win NT 4 .0

  113. SAS won't run after applying win95 y2k update...

  114. SAS-L postings

  115. SAS/AF efficiency techniques?

  116. SAS/IntrNet licensing (was Re: Perl)

  117. SAS/PH-Clinical

  118. SEUGI - do a paper and don't pay anything...

  119. SOLVED: ACCESS to SQL Server (v. 7) login problem

  120. SPSS Aggregate vs SAS ___?

  121. SUGGESTION: Functions to calculate distance

  122. SUGI 25 Costs - from SUGI 25 Conference Chair

  123. SUGI 25 Costs / Seasons Greetings

  124. SUGI 25 costs

  125. SUGI Registration Fee

  126. Save query object as text file?

  127. Seasonal Goodwill and a Smoke Free Environment

  128. Seasonal Goodwill and a Smoke Free Environment -Reply

  129. Sending printer commands

  130. Set command and keep labels

  131. Shared code
    • Shared code (14 lines)
      From: Mark Wolff <mwolff@EMMES.COM>

  132. Shocking State of SI SAS Programming in SAS communications (

  133. Simple data step question

  134. Simple data step question - commentary

  135. Statistical Computing and the Year 2000

  136. Status of Insert Key

  137. TCP/IP connect from NT


  139. Test- Please Ignore

  140. Thanks for the tip to "Unsubscribe"

  141. Unsubscribe
    • Unsubscribe (20 lines)
      From: Randi Chen <chen@PHRI.HAWAII-HEALTH.COM>

  142. Using Modulec

  143. V8 - What's New

  144. V8 CEDA info
    • V8 CEDA info (36 lines)
      From: Bruce F. Gilsen <m1bfg00@NEWFED.FRB.GOV>

  145. V8 shipments on hold

  146. VSAM Skip read Macro please.

  147. Version 8 Documentation

  148. We work for you to have a rest!!!

  149. Whats new with Version 8 for Windows

  150. Y2K and Statistical Computing

  151. a question in regression

  152. analysis of 4 period cross-over design (placebo controlled, dose respose)

  153. awesome girls

  154. coder's contest

  155. deleting setting zero data to save disk space

  156. dropping extreme observations

  157. dummy variables

  158. eBay Auction: CART(r) 3.5 Classification & Regression Trees

  159. exact CMH (Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel) test for 2x2xk tables

  160. footnote like "December 3, 1999"(was no subject)

  161. format catalog error

  162. format catalog error - Summary

  163. help with doubly multivariate repeated measures MANOVA

  164. how to subscribe to sas-l

  165. insert one empty line after a certain group

  166. line spaces between the data lines with proc report

  167. looking for SAS job in Canada

  168. macro parameter query

  169. missing value

  170. moving cms sas files between cms accounts

  171. please ignore unless you're Nat Wooding

  172. proc compare and list of K vars

  173. proc sql and orcale.

  174. random sampling

  175. reading in blocks of records

  176. remote submit using kedit or ultraEdit.

  177. remote submit via a batch job

  178. sas graph overlay


  180. test message (apologies)

  181. thanks
    • thanks (10 lines)
      From: Yanming X. Xu <yxxu@HOUSEHOLD.COM>
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