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Date:         Fri, 16 Nov 2001 11:16:36 -0500
Reply-To:     "Huang, Ya" <ya.huang@PFIZER.COM>
Sender:       "SAS(r) Discussion" <SAS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
From:         "Huang, Ya" <ya.huang@PFIZER.COM>
Subject:      Re: Q on proc report, compute block?
Comments: To: Perry Watts <wattsp@DCA.NET>
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Thanks for the suggestion. I believe the macro trick will work. But I still don't understand why mine did not work. According to the Online Doc the syntax for compute block is:

compute after <target>

and if <target> is omitted, the compute block should be excute at the end of report. And there is also an example in Online Doc for that.

Richard Read Allen in a private response provide me another trick, that is to add a dummy var, and change "compute after" to "compute after dummy". It works too.

I'm lost.

Ya Huang

-----Original Message----- From: Perry Watts [mailto:wattsp@DCA.NET] Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2001 8:44 PM To: SAS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU Subject: Q on proc report, compute block?

Ya Huang, I think your problem is in the COMPUTE AFTER; -- You are literally "computing after" i.e. after you have read through the entire data set -- so that all variables are re-set to missing. I can see where you cannot literally do computations in this PROC REPORT, since you need medians. I got around this problem by substituting macro variables for your Temp1 data set containing ON1, OM1, OM2. Please see below. Perry

data xx; input study $ sex $ age ncrs desc $; cards; B F 67 8 stst B F 34 10 sdfsaf B M 55 7 sdryts B M 73 7 werwer B M 46 9 sdgsf A M 45 3 abcd A M 65 4 bdrf A F 46 3 lsdfsd A F 67 5 sdfas ;

proc sort; by study;

proc univariate noprint data=xx; by study; var age ncrs; output out=temp n=n1 median=m1 m2;

proc univariate noprint data=xx; var age ncrs; output out=temp1 n=on1 median=om1 om2;

proc sql noprint; select left(put(on1,3.)), left(put(om1,5.1)), left(put(om2,5.1)) into :on1, :om1, :om2 from temp1; quit;

data xx; merge xx temp; by study;

/**** SKIP THIS: proc sql; create table xx as select xx.*, temp1.* from xx, temp1 order by study ; ***/

options nocenter; proc report data=xx nowd headline; column n1 m1 m2 study sex age ncrs desc; define study / width=5 order; define sex / width=3 order; define age / width=3; define ncrs / width=5; define n1/noprint order; define m1/noprint order; define m2/noprint order; compute after study; line ' '; line 'N=' n1 3.; line 'Median age=' m1 5.1; line 'Median CRS=' m2 5.1; line ' '; endcomp; compute after; line ' '; line "Total N= &on1"; line "Overall Median age= &om1"; line "Overall Median CRS= &om2"; line ' '; endcomp; run;

/************************** Output:

study sex age ncrs desc -------------------------------- A F 46 3 lsdfsd 67 5 sdfas M 45 3 abcd 65 4 bdrf

N= 4 Median age= 55.5 Median CRS= 3.5

B F 67 8 stst 34 10 sdfsaf M 55 7 sdryts 73 7 werwer 46 9 sdgsf

N= 5 Median age= 55.0 Median CRS= 8.0

Total N= 9 Overall Median age= 55.0 Overall Median CRS= 7.0 ****************************/

-------------------------- Perry Watts --------------------------

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