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Date:         Wed, 30 Oct 2002 10:01:57 +0100
Reply-To:     Asesoría Bioestadística
Sender:       "SPSSX(r) Discussion" <SPSSX-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
From:         Asesoría Bioestadística
Subject:      Re: TROUBLE WITH SYNTAX (second answer)
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

Hi Jeff:

I have taken a closer look at your code. Try this modification

*first open the file to be used for analysis *Second, compute the number in each gender who are PTSD+ *Third, compute the number in each gender that are negative

COMPUTE mpos = RND(pwnm * (pctmale / 100)). COMPUTE fpos = RND(pwnf * (pctfem / 100)). COMPUTE mneg = pwnm - mpos. COMPUTE fneg = pwnf - fpos. EXECUTE .

* Data modification by pseudo count method *. DO IF ((fpos=0) OR (mpos=0)). COMPUTE fpos=fpos+1/2. COMPUTE mpos=mpos+1/2. COMPUTE fneg=mneg+1/2. COMPUTE mneg=mneg+1/2. END IF. EXECUTE.

DO IF ((mneg=0) OR (fneg=0)). COMPUTE mpos=mpos-1/2. COMPUTE mneg=mneg+1/2. COMPUTE fpos=fpos-1/2. COMPUTE fneg=fneg+1/2. END IF. EXECUTE.

* Now, the data are ready for statistical analysis . * I THINK THE PROBLEM IS HERE. * YOU SOULD SAVE THE MODIFIED DATA, AND YOU DON'T. SAVE OUTFILE='C:\temp\metadata.sav' /KEEP=author mpos mneg fpos fneg /COMPRESSED.


GET DATA /FILE='C:\temp\metadata.sav' /NAMES=NAMEVEC /missing =OMIT /sysmis=omit.

print data /format="f10.2" /title=' Author Males+ Males- Females+ Females-'. get Author. get mpos. get mneg. get fpos. get fneg. compute summpos=msum(mpos). compute summneg=msum(mneg). compute sumfpos=msum(fpos). compute sumfneg=msum(fneg). compute n=nrow(mpos). compute orr=(fpos&*mneg)&/(mpos&*fneg). compute selog=sqrt((1/mpos)+(1/mneg)+(1/fpos)+(1/fneg)). compute wi=(1/selog)&**2. compute di=ln(orr). compute cilow=exp(di-1.96&*selog). compute ciup=exp(di+1.96&*selog). compute report={orr,selog,cilow,ciup}. print report /format="f10.3" /title=' Odds Ratio se(log) 95%Low CL 95%Upper CL'. compute dp=sum(wi&*di)/sum(wi). compute hetchi=sum(wi&*(di-dp)&**2). compute hetsig=1-chicdf(hetchi,n-1). print /title='Heterogeneity before taking Tau-square into consideration'. print hetchi /format="f8.4" /title="Cochran Q chi-square of heterogeneity statistic (df=n-1)". print hetsig /format="f8.3" /title="Significance of Chi-square (H0: Homogeneity)". compute tau=(hetchi-n-1)/(sum(wi)-(sum(wi&**2))/sum(wi)). do if tau>0. compute tau2=tau. print tau2 /format="f8.3" /title='Tau-square (between trials variance)'. else if tau<=0. compute tau2=0. print /title='Tau-square=0 (random- & fixed-effect models will yield' +' identical results)'. end if. compute vartilda=tau2+selog&**2. compute wi=1/vartilda. compute percwi=100*wi&/sum(wi). compute num=sum(wi&*di). compute den=sum(wi). compute delaiorr=exp(num/den). compute sedelai=1/sqrt(den). compute cilowdl=exp((num/den)-1.96*sedelai). compute ciupdl=exp((num/den)+1.96*sedelai). compute dl95cl={cilowdl,ciupdl}. compute achi=((num/den)/sedelai)**2. compute asig=1-chicdf(achi,1). print n /format="f8.0" /title="Number of trials analysed (n)". print percwi /format="f8.1" /title="Modified weights(%)". do if tau2>0. print /title='Dersimonian-Laird statistic:'. end if. print delaiorr /format="f8.3" /title="Summary OR". print sedelai /format="f8.3" /title="SE log(OR)". print dl95cl /format="f8.3" /title='95% Confidence interval for OR:'. print achi /format="f8.4" /title="Association Chi-square statistic (df=1)". print asig /format="f8.3" /title="Significance of Chi-square (H0: No association)". compute orr={orr;delaiorr}. compute selog={selog;sedelai}. compute percwi={percwi;100}. compute data={data;n+1,summpos,summneg,sumfpos,sumfneg}. compute data={data,orr,selog,percwi}. compute namevec={namevec,"orr","selog","weight"}. save data /outfile=summary /names=namevec. end matrix.

* Thanks to Ray Levesque for his help at this step *. FORMATS trial(F8.0). compute nobreak=1. match files file=* /by nobreak /last=last. do if last=1. write outfile='c:\temp\syntax.sps' /'VALUE LABEL trial 'trial' "Total".'. end if. execute. include 'c:\temp\syntax.sps'.

* Forest plot *. compute loworr=exp(ln(orr)-1.96*selog). compute highorr=exp(ln(orr)+1.96*selog). VAR LABEL loworr 'Lower 95%CI' /highorr 'Upper 95%CI' /orr 'OR'. GRAPH /HILO(SIMPLE)=VALUE( highorr loworr orr ) BY trial /TEMPLATE='c:\Program Files\SPSS\Looks\forest.sct'.

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