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Date:         Wed, 11 Dec 2002 21:32:56 +0100
Reply-To:     Peter Crawford <peter.crawford@DB.COM>
Sender:       "SAS(r) Discussion" <SAS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
From:         Peter Crawford <peter.crawford@DB.COM>
Subject:      Re: SAS au Fromage
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Hi Paul I think when you ask this "but does it really separate ", you may have missed one efffect of the file statement DSD option. >That inserts the comma delimiters OK, not between the "constants" that might make a header

But the original code is almost fool-proof (subject to there being appropriate default formats)

It will be "fool-proof" when a bug in file-DSD logic is fixed... )not only mask (quote() ) a value containing a delimiter, )they also have to mask a cell containing " (quote mark) (That bug causes too much trouble when a variable starts ( with an unbalanced quote(")

Here is some test data data stuff; retain charbit 'qwertzuiopü' datetim "%now"dt; format datetim datetime. ; do num1 = 1e21/81 to 1e15 by -1e18; integ = int( num1/1e16 ); substr( charbit, length(charbit)) = ' ';*trailing spaces; output; end; stop; run;

To make the result foolproof for now, add quotes to all columns - possibly making the output much wider. Or possibly apply to the character columns only. data _null_; file 'c:\brie.csv' dsd lrecl=32000; set stuff ; put (_all_) (~); * quote everything; run; Amazingly that tilde(~) modifier quotes numerics, even dates as well, but the DSD infile option deals with that too! As it will on this "brie" data proc fslist file = 'c:\brie.csv' ; run; +FSLIST: c:\brie.csv-----------------------------------------+ | ----|----10---|----20---|----30---|----40---|----50---| |00001 "qwertzuiop","11DEC02:21:17:56","1.2345679E19","1234" | |00002 "qwertzuio","11DEC02:21:17:56","1.1345679E19","1134" | |00003 "qwertzui","11DEC02:21:17:56","1.0345679E19","1034" | |00004 "qwertzu","11DEC02:21:17:56","9.345679E18","934" | |00005 "qwertz","11DEC02:21:17:56","8.345679E18","834" | |00006 "qwert","11DEC02:21:17:56","7.345679E18","734" | |00007 "qwer","11DEC02:21:17:56","6.345679E18","634" | |00008 "qwe","11DEC02:21:17:56","5.345679E18","534" | |00009 "qw","11DEC02:21:17:56","4.345679E18","434" | |00010 "q","11DEC02:21:17:56","3.345679E18","334" | |00011 ,"11DEC02:21:17:56","2.345679E18","234" | |00012 ,"11DEC02:21:17:56","1.345679E18","134" | |00013 ,"11DEC02:21:17:56","3.4567901E17","34" | |00014 *** END OF FILE *** | +------------------------------------------------------------+

Or one can quote just _character_ columns, while at the same time providing best32. numeric values when applicable, and if date or datetime format is appropriate data _null_; file 'c:\brie2.csv' dsd lrecl=32000; set feta; *** write all variables in data set feta; put (_all_) (:); format _character_ $quote32000. /* fully quote char vars */ _numeric best32. /* max precision numerics, with specific overrides as necessary */ &dates yymmdd10. &datetimes datetime23.3 ; run; Of course those &dates and &datetimes varlists must be populated from some source..........

Also convenient, is that _none_ of these wide formats result in wide output unless of course, the data is wide! +FSLIST: c:\brie2.csv------------------------------------------------+ | ----|----10---|----20---|----30---|----40---|----50---|----60-| |00001 "qwertzuiop",11DEC2002:21:17:55.980,12345679012345679872,1234 | |00002 "qwertzuio",11DEC2002:21:17:55.980,11345679012345679872,1134 | |00003 "qwertzui",11DEC2002:21:17:55.980,10345679012345679872,1034 | |00004 "qwertzu",11DEC2002:21:17:55.980,9345679012345679872,934 | |00005 "qwertz",11DEC2002:21:17:55.980,8345679012345679872,834 | |00006 "qwert",11DEC2002:21:17:55.980,7345679012345679872,734 | |00007 "qwer",11DEC2002:21:17:55.980,6345679012345679872,634 | |00008 "qwe",11DEC2002:21:17:55.980,5345679012345679872,534 | |00009 "qw",11DEC2002:21:17:55.980,4345679012345679872,434 | |00010 "q",11DEC2002:21:17:55.980,3345679012345679872,334 | |00011 "",11DEC2002:21:17:55.980,2345679012345679872,234 | |00012 "",11DEC2002:21:17:55.980,1345679012345679872,134 | |00013 "",11DEC2002:21:17:55.980,345679012345679872,34 | |00014 *** END OF FILE *** | |00015 | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+

Note that $quote. is also quoting the empty character string on obs 11-13 unlike the ~ modifier

Datum: 11/12/2002 19:34 An: SAS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU

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Betreff: Re: SAS au Fromage Nachrichtentext:


Sure it is quick, but does it really separate the printed values with commas? Plus, there is a potential caveat - SAS will print numerics using the best12. format, so in the case shown above, ACCTNO would be printed as 1.2345679E15, i.e. result in unaffordable lost of precision. Perhaps this is a little more robust and comma-separated:

146 data _null_ ; 147 retain num1 123456 char1 'char1' 148 acctno 1234567890123456 char2 'char22' 149 ; 150 put (_all_) (: 32. +(-1) ',') ; 151 run ;


In the case the numbers are not integer, the format has to be changed accordingly, for example,

156 data _null_ ; 157 retain num1 123.456 char1 'char1' 158 acctno 1234567890123456 char2 'char22' 159 ; 160 put (_all_) (: 32.3 +(-1) ',') ; 161 run ;


the side effect being the trailing zeroes when printing integers.

Kind regards, ------------------ Paul M. Dorfman Jacksonville, FL ------------------

----Original Message Follows---- From: "Michael S. Zdeb" <msz03@HEALTH.STATE.NY.US>

Hi...quick way to create a comma-separated value file from a SAS data set...

data _null_; file 'c:\brie.csv' dsd; set feta; *** write only variables in data set feta; put (_all_) (:); run;

Mike Zdeb New York State Department of Health ESP Tower - Room 1811 Albany, NY 12237 P/518-473-2855 F/630-604-1475

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