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Date:         Thu, 21 Oct 2004 12:44:35 -0400
Reply-To:     Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>
Sender:       "SAS(r) Discussion" <SAS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
From:         Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>
Subject:      Re: Column name

Here's one way which should avoid the scale problems.

Use a DATA step instead of SQL and a %INCLUDEd file instead of a macrovariable. For example:

data test; retain alpha beta gamma delta omega 1; run;

filename rename catalog '';

data _null_; set sashelp.vcolumn end=done; where libname = "WORK" and memname = "TEST" and varnum>3; file rename; renamer = compress(name||'='||'x'|| input(put(varnum-3,8.),$8.) ); put renamer; run;

proc datasets library=work; modify test; rename %include rename ; ; run;

Notice the semicolon standing on its own line. It closes the RENAME statement; the previous semicolon terminates the %INCLUDE.

The log shows:

NOTE: Renaming variable delta to x1. NOTE: Renaming variable omega to x2.

By the way, the formula in the DATA step is different from the one I used yesterday in SQL; $8. rather than $2. as the informat. I don't understand why the $2. worked. I am going to start a separate thread about that.

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 14:28:15 -0600, Michael Murff <mjm33@MSM1.BYU.EDU> wrote:

>I hesitate to mention a potential constraint on Toby's routine, since I >don't presently have a solution to my observation; and admittedly, it's >easier to critique a program than write one from scratch. The macro var >strategy at issue will work for all but very wide datasets and/or those >datasets with very long variable names. A single macro variable can only >contain so many characters (or bytes), though I'm not sure what the >exact maximum is. And from the looks of my log, there the macro var >"rename" is truncated, but something else must be going on because I get >the following errors when I try to resolve it in the rename step. > ><snip from my log> >ERROR: Overflow has occurred; evaluation is terminated. >ERROR: Out of memory. ><end> > >Nevertheless, I have needed a routine of this ilk for some time and it >will make a welcome addition to my rather small, but growing tool kit. > >Thanks Toby (and Claudia for raising the question), > >M.M. > >*******************************; >%macro mockdata; > >%let NCOLS = 10000; >%let NOBS = 20; >%let SEED = 20041008; > >/* mock up market dataset */ >data test; > do row = 1 to &NOBS; > %local i; > %do i = 1 %to &NCOLS; > co&i._pr = round (10 * ranuni(&seed), 0.0001); > %end; > output; > end; > drop row; >run; > >%mend; > >%mockdata; > > >proc sql noprint; >select compress(name||'='||'x'||input(put(varnum,8.),$4.)) > into : rename separated by ' ' > from sashelp.vcolumn > where libname = "WORK" and memname = "TEST"; >quit; > >%put _user_; > > >data test2; >set test (rename = (&rename)); >run; >*******************************; > >>>> "Dunn, Toby" <Toby.Dunn@TEA.STATE.TX.US> 10/20/04 7:38 AM >>> >Claudia, > >The easiest way I can figure is through a SQL into statement hitting >your meta data: > > >Such as this example: > >data test; > alpha = 1; > beta = 1; > omega = 1; >run; > >proc sql noprint; > select compress(name||'='||'x'||input(put(varnum,8.),$2.)) > into : rename separated by ' ' > from sashelp.vcolumn > where libname = "WORK" and memname = "TEST"; >quit; > > >data test2; > set test (rename = (&rename)); >run; > >proc contents > data = test2; >run; > >Hth >Toby Dunn > >-----Original Message----- >From: SAS(r) Discussion [mailto:SAS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU] On Behalf Of >Claudia >Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 9:33 PM >To: SAS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU >Subject: Column name > >Hi, > >I imported an excel file into SAS. Now I would like to change the >column (or array) names so that it's easier for me to compute my >models afterwards. > >I know that I could either change them directly in excel or again >directly in SAS using for instance var1=new_varname, but since I have >so many columns (more than 1,000), I don't want to do this by hand. > >Is there a way (I guess using a loop) to rename my columns x1, x2, x3, >etc... without going one at a time? > >Starting at the 4th column, I would like to name my columns x1, x2, >...xn > >Sorry for the newbie question, > >Claudia

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