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Date:         Wed, 2 Feb 2005 09:43:24 -0500
Reply-To:     Manny Straehle <>
Sender:       "SPSSX(r) Discussion" <SPSSX-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
From:         Manny Straehle <>
Subject:      Re: output query
Comments: To: Sam Williams <>
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If you are familiar with scripts you can take advantage of this. If you are not read up on it at Raynald's SPSS page.

I modified the script that was on Raynald's page to change every table in my output to a desired decimal place (where it says EDIT #1).

Hope this helps, Manny

' Changes Decimal Cells in all Tables of the Output. ' Written on 4/19/04 by Manny S ' File name:' ' # of Edits: 1'

Sub Main Dim objPivot As PivotTable Dim objItem As ISpssItem Dim intDigits As Integer Do While GetNextPivot(objPivot, objItem) Call SetDecimalDigits(objPivot,intDigits) SetDecimalDigits objPivot, 2 'Edit #1: change the number here to set the number of decimal points' Loop End Sub

Sub SetDecimalDigits(objPivot As PivotTable, intDigits As Integer)

Dim lngRow As Long, lngCol As Long Dim objDataCells As ISpssDataCells

Set objDataCells = objPivot.DataCellArray

With objDataCells For lngRow = 0 To .NumRows - 1 For lngCol = 0 To .NumColumns - 1 If Not IsNull (.ValueAt (lngRow, lngCol)) Then .HDecDigitsAt (lngRow, lngCol) = intDigits End If Next Next End With

objPivot.Autofit End Sub Function GetNextPivot( objPivot As PivotTable, _ objItem As ISpssItem )As Boolean 'Purpose: Find each Pivot Table in turn 'Assumptions: A Pivot Table is in the Output Doc (Navigator); output doesn't change between calls 'Effects: each time the procedure is called, it activates the next selected Pivot Table 'Inputs: PivotTable object, Item object that contains selected PivotTable 'Return Values: activated PivotTable, Item in the Navigator, function value is True if a pivot table is found

Static objDocuments As ISpssDocuments ' SPSS documents. Static objOutputDoc As ISpssOutputDoc ' Output document Static objItems As ISpssItems ' Output Navigator items Static intItem As Integer ' Output Navigator item's index Static intItemCount As Integer ' total number of items in the navigator

Dim intItemType As Integer Dim bolSelected As Boolean ' True if an item is selected. Dim bolReset As Boolean Dim I As Integer

' initialize the return values GetNextPivot = False Set objPivot = Nothing Set objItem = Nothing

' if this is the first call, set a flag to initialize things If (objDocuments Is Nothing) Or (objOutputDoc Is Nothing) Or (objItems Is Nothing) Then bolReset = True End If

If bolReset Then 'Get list of documents in SPSS. Set objDocuments = objSpssApp.Documents End If ' done with the document collection

If bolReset Then ' Get designated document only if there is at least one output document. If objDocuments.OutputDocCount > 0 Then 'Get the currently designated output document. Set objOutputDoc = objSpssApp.GetDesignatedOutputDoc Else 'If no navigator window exists. MsgBox( "No navigator document found." ) Exit Function End If End If ' done with outputdoc

' Get the outline tree and the number of items: If bolReset Then Set objItems = objOutputDoc.Items intItemCount = objItems.Count End If

' there will be problems if anything failed, just make sure If (objDocuments Is Nothing) Or (objOutputDoc Is Nothing) Or (objItems Is Nothing) Then Debug.Print "objDocuments Is Nothing: " & (objDocuments Is Nothing) Debug.Print "objOutputDocIs Nothing: " & (objOutputDoc Is Nothing) Debug.Print "objItems Is Nothing: " & (objItems Is Nothing) MsgBox "There was a problem with the Navigator document.", vbExclamation, "GetNextPivot" Exit Function End If

' a simple check that output hasn't changed If intItemCount <> objItems.Count Then MsgBox "Output changed while Script was running.", vbExclamation, "GetNextPivot" Exit Function End If

If bolReset Then intItem = 0 End If

' Get the next pivot table. For I = intItem To intItemCount - 1 Set objItem = objItems.GetItem(I) intItemType = objItem.SPSSType If intItemType = SPSSPivot And InStr(objItem.Label,strLabel) > 0 Then intItem = I + 1 ' start here next time Set objPivot = objItem.ActivateTable() 'Activate the pivot table. GetNextPivot = True ' We did find a pivot table. Exit For ' Exit the loop. End If Next I

If GetNextPivot = False And intItem = 0 Then 'No pivot table was found. MsgBox( "There are no Pivot Tables in the output." ) Exit Function End If

End Function

Manfred M. Straehle Scoring Services 215-590-9873

-----Original Message----- From: SPSSX(r) Discussion [mailto:SPSSX-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU] On Behalf Of Sam Williams Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2005 9:28 AM To: SPSSX-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU Subject: output query

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Is there a way to force output to be displayed to just two decimal places?I can change each table manually but am sure it must be possible to do it automatically! Thanks in advance! Sam

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