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Date:         Fri, 30 Sep 2005 10:01:03 -0400
Reply-To:     Robert Sayre <rsayre@ACXIOM.COM>
Sender:       "SAS(r) Discussion" <SAS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
From:         Robert Sayre <rsayre@ACXIOM.COM>
Subject:      proc tabulate: How can I change column widths with ods markup?

Hi, I'm creating a proc tabulate report and sending it to excel via ods. How do I change the cellwidth? Currently the fields are wider than I would like. I've made it 'fit_to_page' but that doesn't change the cell width. Is there a way to get excel to 'auto set' the width, similar to when you select the whole worksheet and then click on the edge of the cell? Or is there a way to set each columnwidth manually in tabulate that will carry over into excel? My code: proc template; define tagset tagsets.test; parent=tagsets.htmlcss; define event doc; start: put '<html xmlns:o="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"' NL; put 'xmlns:x="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:excel">' NL; finish: put "</html>" NL; end; define event doc_head; start: put "<head>" NL; put VALUE NL; put "<style>" NL; put "<!--" NL; trigger alignstyle; put "-->" NL; put "</style>" NL; finish: put "<xml>" NL; put "<o:DocumentProperties>" NL; ; put " <o:Subject>OVD_Reports</o:Subject>" nl; put " <o:Author>Robert Sayre</o:Author>" nl; put " <o:Company>Acxiom</o:Company>" nl; put " </o:DocumentProperties>" nl; put "<x:ExcelWorkbook>" NL; put " <x:ExcelWorksheets>" NL; put " <x:ExcelWorksheet>" NL; put " <x:Name>OVD Enrollee Report</x:Name>" NL; /* put " <x:WorksheetOptions>" NL; put " <x:FitToPage/>" NL; put " <x:DisplayPageBreak/>" NL; put " <x:Print>" NL; put " <x:ValidPrinterInfo/>" NL; put " <x:PaperSizeIndex>5</x:PaperSizeIndex>" NL; put " <x:HorizontalResolution>600</x:HorizontalResolution>" NL; put " <x:VerticalResolution>600</x:VerticalResolution>" NL; put " </x:Print>" NL; */;

put " </x:WorksheetOptions>" NL; put " </x:ExcelWorksheet>" NL; put " </x:ExcelWorksheets>" NL; put "</x:ExcelWorkbook>" NL; put "</xml>" NL; put "</head>" NL; end; define event data; put "<td"; put ' width=' cellwidth; trigger preimage; putq " class=" HTMLCLASS; trigger align; trigger style_inline; trigger rowcol; put ">"; put VALUE NL; finish: trigger postimage; put "</td>" NL; end; end;

run; ods markup file="OVD_rd&rundate..xls" tagset=tagsets.test headtext="<style> @page {mso-page-orientation:portrait;} col {mso-width-source:auto;}</style>";

/****************************************************/; /****************************************************/; /******** write out todays report using proc tabulate ********/; /****************************************************/; /****************************************************/; proc tabulate data=ovd_new order=formatted noseps contents=' ' style=[background=white foreground=black]; var counted; class p_date preference_date tenure credit_card_on_file_flag; format tenure tenure. credit_card_on_file_flag $ccof.; table p_date='' all='<b>Month Total</b>', counted=''*sum='Total Enrollees'*f=comma10. tenure=''*Credit_card_on_file_flag=''*counted=''*sum=''*f=comma10. /misstext='0' box='Date'; Title1 "OVD Enrollees by Day"; footnote1 "<td align=left colspan=4><b><font size=3>*OVD Enrollment determined by subscriptions with VMGR_Opt_in_flag = 'Y'</font></b></td>"; footnote2 "<td align=left colspan=4><b><font size=3>*US Retail subscriptions only</font></b></td>"; footnote3 "<td align=left colspan=4><b><font size=3>Source: Acxiom Corp.</font></b></td>";

ods proclabel='OVD Enrollees by Day'; run;

ods markup close;

Thanks for any help you can provide!!! --Bob

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