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Date:         Thu, 20 Aug 2009 12:11:19 -0400
Sender:       "SAS(r) Discussion" <SAS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
From:         Mike Zdeb <msz03@ALBANY.EDU>
Subject:      Re: shortest distance algorithm
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hi ... one more thought on this and the suggestion about being satisfied with zip-2-zip distance

the suggestions by Mark Miller are all ways to reduce the number of calculations you'd have to make

one way to to reduce the number of zip-2-zip calculations is to make the assumption that the closest Zip to any given zip is either within the same state or a bordering state

so ... you can make a table of states and bordering states using one of the SAS-supplied maps

* merge a SAS/GRAPH map data set with itself find common vertices (lat/long locations with same values) ;

* state 72 ... Puerto Rico; proc sql; create table borders as select distinct d0.state as state0, d1.state as state1 from maps.states d0, maps.states d1 where (d0.x eq d1.x and d0.y eq d1.y) and state0 ne 72; quit;

* rearrange data to create a matrix of bordering states ;

proc transpose data=borders out=new (drop=_:) prefix=state; by state0; run;

then use that info to restrict the number of calculations you'd have to make when creating the lookup table of zip-2-zip minimum distances

-- Mike Zdeb U@Albany School of Public Health One University Place Rensselaer, New York 12144-3456 P/518-402-6479 F/630-604-1475

> hi ... in addition to this paper (it's another great paper by Howard Schreier, > though I'm not sure if your distances need the 3-dimensional distances calculated by Howard), > you can also look at ... > > > > it shows how to calculate straight line distance using three different methods, > the Haversine distance formula and two new V9.2 function (ZIPCITYDISTANCE and GEODIST) > > > it also shows how to access Google maps using the URL access method and get > driving distances (though 37 million x 5,000 is a lot of Google hits) > > > you can reduce the problem size if you are willing to make some compromises > > > even with the 37 million unique customers and 5000 dealers, you might be > satisfied with ZIP centroid-to-ZIP centroid distance > > in that case, you can build a table of distances between ZIP centroids using > the SASHELP.ZIPCODE data set and the ZIPCITYDISTANCE function > (there are only ~42,000 observations in SASHELP.ZIPCODE and you > could reduce the problem even more by limiting the distance calculations to > only those zips in your data base) > > then, you can create a lookup table with the closest zip to any given zip, > throw it into a hash object in a data step and process your customer table > > note: if you can be satisfied with zip centroid-to zip centroid distances, you > can get driving distances from Google maps with just zip codes, you > don't need a complete address ... that would reduce the number of Google hits, > but you still might get "booted" > > > the "art" here would be in coming up with some efficient way to establish > the lookup table (and that's where Howard's paper could help) > > > -- > Mike Zdeb > U@Albany School of Public Health > One University Place > Rensselaer, New York 12144-3456 > P/518-402-6479 F/630-604-1475 > >> The may be helpful. >> >> >> >> >> >> On 8/20/09, Suresh Ramanathan <> wrote: >>> Hello SAS Users, >>> >>> I am looking for an efficient way to find the closest dealer location for >>> every customer in our db. >>> We have a customer table (37 mil unique customers) and a dealer table >>> (5000 unique dealers). >>> Customer table has the latitude & the longitude of the customer location >>> in decimal degrees and the >>> Dealer table has the latitude & the longitude of the dealer location in >>> decimal degrees >>> I was able to get the formula for calculating the distance between two >>> points based on lat & long from wiki. >>> Is there a way other than using the brute force to get the shortest >>> dealer location for every customer. >>> Please share your thoughts. >>> >>> Thanks >>> Suresh >>> >> >

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