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Date:         Thu, 1 Oct 2009 09:20:37 -0500
Reply-To:     "Data _null_;" <iebupdte@GMAIL.COM>
Sender:       "SAS(r) Discussion" <SAS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
From:         "Data _null_;" <iebupdte@GMAIL.COM>
Subject:      Clinical Trials Reporting (scoring a questionnaire)
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Scoring the EQ-5D is not complicated, but it does involve 12 coefficients with three decimal places. This is can all be packaged for easy consumption using and INFORMAT. I choose to use PROC SCORE which required the construction of dummy variables with GLMMOD. This way I can just set up the data set of coefficients and let the PROCS do the heavy lifting.

/*EuroQOL EQ-5D*/ /*Create INFORMAT for EQ-5D Health State Index Score*/ /*Uses some of my "favorite" PROCs, PLAN, GLMMOD, TRANSPOSE, RANK, SCORE and FORMAT*/

/* Create the 243 possible answers to the 5 questions*/ proc plan ordered; factors EQ5D_1=3 EQ5D_2=3 EQ5D_3=3 EQ5D_4=3 EQ5D_5=3 / noprint; output out=eq5d; run; quit; data eq5d; set eq5d; array eq[*] eq5d_1-eq5d_5; length EQindxS $5; EQindxs = cats(of eq[*]); y = input(EQINDXS,5.); Const1 = not not indexC(eqindxS,'23'); Const2 = not not indexC(eqindxS,'3'); run; proc glmmod outdesign=design outparm=parm noprint; class eq5d_1-eq5d_5; model y = const1 const2 eq5d_1-eq5d_5; run; data score; * This data is base on OUTPARM data set.; input EFFNAME:$32. coef :3.3; HSIS = -coef; length _name_ $32; _name_ = cats('Col',_N_); retain _type_ 'SCORE'; cards; Intercept -1. Const1 081 Const2 269 EQ5D_1 0 EQ5D_1 069 EQ5D_1 314 EQ5D_2 0 EQ5D_2 104 EQ5D_2 214 EQ5D_3 0 EQ5D_3 036 EQ5D_3 094 EQ5D_4 0 EQ5D_4 123 EQ5D_4 386 EQ5D_5 0 EQ5D_5 071 EQ5D_5 236 ;;;; run; * Transpose to get proper structure for PROC SCORE; proc transpose data=score out=score; by _type_; var HSIS; run; proc print; run;

proc score data=design score=score out=HSIS; var col:; run;

data cntl; retain fmtname 'HSIS' type 'I' hlo 'J '; set HSIS end=eof; start = put(y,F5.); label = put(hsis,F6.3); output; if eof then do; call missing(start,label); hlo = 'JO'; output; end; run; proc format cntlin=cntl fmtlib; run;

data HSIS; set eq5d(keep=EQindxS); HSIS = input(EQindxS,hsis.); run; * Check that ties are properly assigned; proc sort data=hsis; by descending hsis; run; proc rank data=hsis out=hsis descending; var hsis; ranks rHSIS; format rhsis: best5.; run; proc print; run;

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