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Date:         Wed, 28 May 1997 16:41:01 GMT
Reply-To:     DNordlund <dnordlund@AOL.COM>
Sender:       "SAS(r) Discussion" <SAS-L@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU>
From:         DNordlund <dnordlund@AOL.COM>
Organization: AOL
Subject:      Re: Sas for WIndows Editor

There has been much discussion of the deficiencies of the SAS editor, suggestions for 'better' editors to use, and complaints about the awkwardness of using other editors with SAS. I can empathize with the goal of having a common editor across platforms, but I choose to use my favorite windows editor (currently TextPad from Helios Software Solutions,

The aproach I use is to open both SAS and TextPad. I edit programs in TextPad, saving as often as I wish, using all my favorite features. When I am ready to submit the program, I switch to SAS, open the program into the SAS program window, and press <F8>.

When the program ends, I can examine log and output files. If changes are needed, I jump back to TextPad (which has remained open in the background) and make them. When I go back to SAS, the program file name is in the 'recent files' list. To run the program, I just click on the file name and it is loaded into the program window, ready to submit. If I only want to submit a piece of code, I can always copy to the clipboard and paste it into the SAS program editor. This approach can be used with most windows editors.

In practice, I usually redirect my log and output files. They can then also be opened up in TextPad (using multiple windows). One nice feature with TextPad is that if I leave the log and output files open in the editor, when a SAS program finishes running, a window pops up (in TextPad) telling me that one or more of the files I am editing has been changed by another program, and asks if I wish to reload the file! I get notified that the program is done, and automatically get the current log and list file. What a deal.

With Win95 it is a snap moving betweem programs, so I am comfortable using this approach. I am not sure the SAS program editor (or any single program) will ever be able to accommodate every programmer's preferred style of working, especially considering all the different platforms it has to run on.


**************************quoted post**************************** In article <>, John Herbert <herbertj@BRE.CO.UK> writes:

>Subject: Re: Sas for WIndows Editor >From: John Herbert <herbertj@BRE.CO.UK> >Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 09:52:29 +0000 > >Steve Light <lights@DATACEUTICS.COM> wrote: >>Useful features readily available in many Windows edit environments >>which SAS does not support include: >> >> multiple edit windows >--Don't start me on this one. I often want to browse another program quickly >while writing a but of code, so I open it into the editor, then 'undo' the >code >back out of there (I'd much rather have a new editor window!). Don't say use >notepad - it defaults to stupid directories, and stupid file extensions >(well, >for my purposes anyway... *grin*). > >Unfortunately, opening that file then changes the 'current file being edited' >value to the file I just looked at - which wouldn't matter, only with a >single >editor window, my progam now thinks it's called something else. I don't know >how many times in the past I have wiped out a perfectly good sas file that I >just looked at by hitting Ctrl-S to save, and then realising in horror that >it >thought I meant the other file. If the damn thing supported multiple edit >windows, maybe I'd actually be able to glance at other programs without >screwing up the 'current file'. > >I realise that ultimately this is my fault - but it's still annoying when the >addition of multiple windows woudl solve the problem. Plus, when I choose >'Open' from a menu, I do not see this as synonymous with 'Insert at cursor' >which is what SAS basically does. *sigh* Unfortunately, I'm a ^S junkie, and >save regularly, cos I dont' trust computers not to crash and lose my work. I >guess i pay for that. > >> multiple windows of (one) log or output >--This doesn't bother me as much, but then I redirect much of my logs/output >to >files. > >> syntax highlighting (use of color) >--Wouldn't bother me, but it'd look prettier. > >> flexible text formatting >--Yay! Ever tried setting tabs in that editor? All the instructions I could >find applied to editors called up by programs, not the default editor. Nice >to >have an 'indent' function (a la BBEdit etc). > >> modal search and replace >--Yep. > >> automatic backup file generation >--Handy - might help with the single program window problems I have...! > >> keyboard macro record/playback >--What for? > >> syntax recognition (complete words, recognize syntax errors) >--Mmmm. But then, Visual Basic has that, and I despise it, cos I can't move >to >a previous line to change something I just noticed without getting a dialog >box >up telling me that my line was incomplete (duh!). I'd go for a syntax check >option though. > >> column select >--For what purpose? > >> bookmarking >--Agreed. > >> useful right mouse menus >--Some of them are useful. Honest. > >I think the SAS editor feel is 'clunky' basically. But the excuse may be that >this way it's compatible with editors on other platforms. > >Perhaps SAS should write a 'plug-in' editor for SAS, that makes the most of >each platform's abilities, then provides the program editor as the >bog-standard >compatible editor for those that prefer? > >John. > > >

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