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Date:   Thu, 17 Sep 1998 21:28:57 -0600
Reply-To:   "Douglas J. Anderson" <Douglas.Anderson@ENMU.EDU>
Sender:   "SPSSX(r) Discussion" <SPSSX-L@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU>
From:   "Douglas J. Anderson" <Douglas.Anderson@ENMU.EDU>
Subject:   Re: Re. SPSS & Macs
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>In article <v04011700b226140e6c93@[]>, John Reece ><reece@RMIT.EDU.AU> wrote:

>>It's quite simple really: SPSS have stopped developing for the Mac, and >>V.6.1.1 is going to be their last release for the Mac. Other companies, >>such as SAS, Stata, and, to a lesser extent, Statsoft, have publicly >>confirmed their continuing support for the MacOS. There is enormous >>variation in the problems that people have with running 6.1.1 on various >>verions of MacOS. My generally conclusion is that if you are reasonably >>Mac-savvy you will not have major problems (although there will be some who >>will disagree with that). SPSS 7.0, 7.5, and 8.0 will run under Virtual PC, >>but you need express pace hardware and heaps of RAM. > > >Please clarify. What is "express pace hardware"?

As I've posted to this list in the past my experience as a Macintosh user for which I was severely critized. I purchased the 6.1.1 Graduate Pack and installed it on a Power Mac 7100/80AV running Mac System 7.5.3. Even though I didn't list my "credentials" as a bona fide Mac user, I will simply state that I've been operating the Mac for the last 10 years, beginning with the Mac SE 30, graduating to the Power Mac 7100/80 AV, my most recent purchase being the PowerBook 1400cs running OS 8.0. I claim to be a rather sophisticated user adept at troubleshooting and have the more sophisticated programs like Conflict Catcher, etc. which can investigate such problems quite thoroughly.

On my first installation of the Grad Pack, I immediately ran into problems. My system is in tune and has never experienced the type of crash/extension problems that I immediately experienced with SPSS 6.1.1. Admittedly, what I run in terms of applications may be quite different from other users but I range over Microsoft Office, Claris Works, Adobe photoshop, etc. and have never had this sort of problem develop. I'm not complaining about SPSS but simply relating my experience as a high end Mac user with this product. With my first call to technical support, I was immediately told that there are two offending extensions that will cause crash problems with any Mac OS version higher than 7.5 --these extensions are "SPSS Translate" and "IOCV Module". In order to "solve" the problem, I had to reboot the Mac after first removing these two offfending extensions from the Extension folder to the Disabled Extension folder. Then move them back into the Extensions folder after rebooting and before starting the SPSS application. This solved the first part of the problem. There were other minor glitches with the printer setup and others that I was able to adjust after calling technical support. However, I was never able to shut down my computer after running the SPSS application without it freezing. And, I simply did not want to invest the many further hours that it would have required to "solve" the problem, if, in fact it could be solved.

The information I posted to this list was simply information that had been given me by SPSS technical support and what I found to be true to my experience. I was told that 6.1.1 would run fine with Mac 7.5, and 7.6, but that it would not run well with 7.5.3 nor that it was recommended for versions higher than 7.6. I solved my problem by equipping a zip disk with 7.5 Mac OS and the 6.1.1 SPSS and have never had to fine tune anything. It runs, prints, does my graphics, etc. with no conflicts whatever, proof to me that SPSS technicians know what they are talking about.

>Please clarify. What is "express pace hardware"?

As for my interpretation of "express pace hardware", I upgraded my PowerBook to the Newer NUpowr 183 mz chip in order to run the Connectix Virtual PC 1.0, which by the way, can now be upgraded to v. 2.0. This was done so that I could run Windows and DOS software on my PowerBook. In order to run this or similar PC environment software, you need a minimum of 180 mz and lots of hard drive space. The installation of Virtual PC alone took 300 MB of my hard drive, and with only 750 MB to begin with, that was half of my drive! So, yes, you can run Windows on your Mac but you will need plenty of speed and hard drive space. Already my experience has taught me that 180 mhz is simply not fast enough to run this software and I would not even consider running a PC version of SPSS on my PowerBook because the Virtual PC environment is too slow. Now, if I had the new G3 chip and hardware, then I am of the opinion that the equivalent PC versions of SPSS would be the way to go.

Hope this helps.

Douglas Anderson

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