Thanks for sharing this information.  We recently changed to an "ECO" (Enterprise & StatPlus) bundles for our group, and, although we seemed to get everything we wanted, I wasn't exactly sure of what we had.  I noticed that in the setinit.sss file there was a comment that SAS/CALC was cancelled -- I don't know whether it was cancelled from the our ECO license or if it was cancelled from SAS's product line. 

Also, running proc setinit noalias on our produces:

---Base Product                                            14JAN2002
---SAS/STAT                                                14JAN2002
---SAS/GRAPH                                               14JAN2002
---SAS/ETS                                                 14JAN2002
---SAS/FSP                                                 14JAN2002
---SAS/OR                                                  01JUL2001
---SAS/AF                                                  14JAN2002
---SAS/IML                                                 14JAN2002
---SAS/LAB                                                 14JAN2002
---SAS/ASSIST                                              14JAN2002
---SAS/CONNECT                                             14JAN2002
---SAS/INSIGHT                                             14JAN2002
---SAS/EIS                                                 14JAN2002
---SAS/MDDB Server common products                         14JAN2002
---SAS/ACC-ORACLE                                          14JAN2002
---SAS/ACC-PC File Formats                                 14JAN2002
---PRODNUM254                                              14JAN2002
---PRODNUM255                                              14JAN2002

Does anyone know what PRODNUM's 254 and 255 are?  TAI  -- George

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Hi All,

Thanks for the responses. Peter Crawford sent me the exact solution I need.
The trick is an option has to be used when we run PROC SETINIT.

   proc setinit NOALIAS; run;

With NOALIAS, I got what I want. What bothers me is this is not documented
in the Online Document or SAS web site, or if there is a documentation, it's
not easy to be found. I have searched the web site and online document using
SETINIT or the exact phrase "PROC SETINIT" and could not find NOALIAS option
associated to PROC SETINIT.

Interesting enough, when I talked to a person who works at SI, he could get
what he want using PROC SETINIT without NOALIAS option. I don't know why
NOALIAS is needed for some licenses and is not required for others. This is
another mystery. I have sent an e-mail to SAS technical support for this
question. Usually, they are pretty good with the response. But, this time,
no one actually ever bothers to reply me from SI technical support. I guess
it was because they don't see the issue as they always get a complete list.
Here is what I got using PROC SETINIT without NOALIAS:
Product expiration dates:



---SAS/MDDB Server common products 31AUG2001

"Reiling Lee" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> SETINIT window is not available in SAS v8. Is there any way to get a list
> SAS products that a company is licensed? PROC SETINIT seems only to give
> very high level information such as ACADEMIC, ECO, STATPLUS. I want the
> detailed like SAS/BASE, SAS/STAT. How can we get such information in SAS