Hello SAS users.  I am new to SAS (been using it for a month) and I am looking for ways to develop skills.  I am working for a contracting company that has staff in the pharmaceutical, automotive, and medical industries.  I want to develop skills that would be useful for data analysis in these industries.  I am a very fast learner and I recently received my BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Please give suggestions of projects I could work on to improve my skills. 

I am personally interested in gambling and probabilities.  I was wondering how I could use SAS to create a data set of shuffled cards.  Any suggestions?  I know that the following program will create a data set of an unshuffled deck of cards (1=Ace, 11=Jack, 12=Queen, 13=King).  But what if I want them to be randomized? 


Data cards;

            Do card = 1 to 13;

                        Do i = 1 to 4;






Feel free to respond directly to my email address.  Thank you.