Dear all,
I'm working on a syntax file that includes some other syntax files. The result is that hundreds of lines of syntax are run in one go. However, since the number of syntax lines is so huge, I have to doubleclick and scroll down the log in the viewer in order to detect error messages. I was wondering whether it could be more efficient if my (single) master syntax would start with an OMS command that asks all log messages to be written as a .txt file in my working directory and ending the master (after all INCLUDE and INSERT FILE commands) syntax with OMSEND. Then all errors and warnings will be saved in a file external to the viewer in which I can use CTRL + F in order to find any error messages or warnings. Also, even after a year I'll be still able to verify that the syntax ran well.
Does anyone know what the required OMS command should look like? I tried 'Utilities -> OMS control panel' but the 'paste' button stayed grey :-(
Is this a good idea or am I overlooking anything?
Lots of thx in advance and a nice, sunny weekend to everyone!
Ruben van den Berg

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