At 10:32 AM 5/8/2009, jimjohn wrote:
>does anyone here know how to compute hypothesis tests/confidence intervals
>for the difference between two means in SPSS? For example, I am comparing
>the volume growth of my certificates with balance less than $1000 versus the
>volume growth with balances greater than $1000. I want to see if the
>difference in the two means is statistically significant. Any ideas? I don't
>think comparing means does it because it has something about grouping and
>factors. thanks!
You can use the Independent Sample TTest procedure. You should have numeric variables for GROWTH and BALANCE where GROWTH as your test variable and BALANCE as your grouping variable.  The BALANCE should be coded for example as follows: 1= balance less than $1000 and 2 = greater than $1000.  Then run the synax:

The confidence interval (CI) can be changed to what you want, say .99.  Hope I understand correctly your need.

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