Dear Listers,
To perform computing task -  summation of variables var 1a + var1b to var 10a + var 10b followed by dividing the result with 4.
The follwing code was used and not worked.
COMPUTE  consumptionfood = ((HE1C+HE1D) TO (HE10C+HE10D))*4.
VARIABLE LABELS consumptionfood 'Monthly Consumption Expenditure for Food'.
COMPUTE consumptionnf =( (HE11B+HE11C) TO (HE15B +HE15C)) + ( ( ( HE16B+HE16C) TO (HE21B + HE21C) ) / 12).
VARIABLE LABELS consumptionnf 'Monthly Consumption Expenditure for Non Food'.
COMPUTE consumptiontotal= consumptionfood + consumptionnf.
VARIABLE LABELS consumptiontotal ' Monthly Consumption Expenditure'.
The error mesage says TO key word is not appropriate other than SUM and MEAN.What should be used instead? or where am I wrong? Please advise.
Khaing Soe