I've been asked to look at SPSS Statistics as a query tool.  Since there would be 100s of users who would be using it to get data off of remote DB2 tables, it makes sense to have the users use Statistics in distributed mode (i.e., connected to a remote server) where the DB2 tables can be cataloged in a central place (rather than having each user install Personal DB2 and each catalog the DB2 tables themselves).

And there's a lot that can be done that way.  But what if we want to join / match against a local file?  If the user has, say, an Excel sheet on their hard drive and they want to use that to join with a remote DB2 table....I don't see any straightforward way to do that.  Once they're working in distributed mode, is there any way to access a file on the local machine (besides sharing ?  Or alternatively, is there any way to work in local mode, yet access remote DB2 tables w/o each user having to catalog the dbs on their local machine?