There are extraneous spaces before and after the file specification on the DATA subcommand. These may be the source of your problem.

From:        "Kateeb, Elham T" <elham-kateeb@UIOWA.EDU>
Date:        09/08/2011 01:15 PM
Subject:        Conjoint Syntax help
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Dear Sir:

I am trying to write the syntax to run conjoint analysis using PASW 18.00 and every time I run the syntax I get this error message

" Warnings Text: file Command: conjoint The filename is not valid. Execution of this command stops."

This is the syntax I wrote:

conjoint plan 'c:\planfileanterior.sav'
/DATA ' c:\datafileanterior1.sav '
/SCORE= score1 to score9
cooperation (DISCRETE)

insurance (DISCRETE)

And this is a study to explore general practitioners' preference to the use of certain
dental procedure with children in their offices.My design is 3X3 and I used
reduced fractional design with 9 scenarios to present to my audience.

Can somebody help me in this?

Thank you very much,