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Why am I getting Monitor Report entries or bounces for an address that's not on my list?

One-time errors:
If an error occurs only once for an address (rather than every time a post is sent), especially if the address is nonsensical and/or has no associated full name, Listserv is probably reporting that

  • someone attempted to post to your list (probably a spammer) and Listserv replied 'you are not authorized to post'
  • the reply bounced
  • Listserv included the address in the monitor report: it'll age off in a few days. This is annoying for the list owner, but doesn't indicate a security problem with the list.

Recurring errors:
If the error isn't for a subscriber you recently deleted, the problem is probably that the person is subscribed at a slightly (or very) different address. The first thing to do is to review your list, and scan for a similar address:

  • subscription may be at a sub-domain, ie. rather than
  • look for person by name rather than email address
  • look at all subscriptions in a given domain.
  • see the List Owner's Manual for more suggestions.
If the culprit does not turn up, possibly a subscriber has forwarded mail from the subscribed account to an account with a completely unrelated name. You may want to write us at for help on these.