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SISA-L  April 2009

SISA-L April 2009



"Lila R. Grisar" <[log in to unmask]>


Lila R. Grisar


Tue, 21 Apr 2009 16:21:47 -0400





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Hello SISA-L readers!

Below you will find the latest announcements for Students Interested in Study Abroad. Events listed below are for the coming week, April 21-28, 2009 and beyond into early May.

Best of luck to you all as your semester comes to a close!

Thanks for reading!


In This Week’s Issue:

1. UGA Study Abroad Advisors now in Memorial Hall for walk-ins
2. Join the Office of Study Abroad on Facebook
3. Study Abroad Office evaluation—please share your feedback with our online form.
4. New OPPORTUNITY TO STUDY ABROAD: Honduras, Spring 2010
5. Maymester Course with International Focus: Disaster Management in the Middle East.
8. Film. La Graine et le mullet. April 22
9. COFFEE HOUR April 24th
10. AMNESTY FILM FESTIVAL, April 24-28th
11. SABOR LATINO/AMERICANO, Saturday, April 25th
12. Photography Exhibition: My India- Personal Reflections and Captured Moments. Ongoing through April 30.
13. International Graduation, May 8th
14. Study Abroad Scholarship Section
15. Unsubscribe from SISA-L


1. UGA Study Abroad Advisors are now in Memorial Hall for walk-ins!

We are excited to announce that the UGA Study Abroad office will be having satellite hours in Memorial Hall. Stop by to learn about different ways that you can study, work, or volunteer abroad!  Walk-in hours are listed below. They will be located in Memorial Hall, conference room 233 (in the ICA Department suite). Stop by and say hello! And thanks to the Intercultural Affairs Office for making this space available!!

Thursdays: 9:00-12:00 pm
Fridays: 1:00-5:00 pm

2. Office of Study Abroad *** Now on Facebook***

3. Study Abroad Office evaluation:

**Thank you for visiting the Study Abroad Office- We would enjoy
feedback from you since your recent visit to our office. Please take a moment to fill out our online evaluation at this link:

4. New OPPORTUNITY TO STUDY ABROAD: Honduras, Spring 2010

CAES Spring Semester 2010 at Zamorano University – Honduras
How would you like to live for a few months in Central America, soaking up the culture, all while earning a full semester of UGA course credit?  This program will allow you to live in Honduras for up to 12 weeks… and will cost you less than spending a semester on campus at UGA!

Students will spend one week in the hills of beautiful Santa Lucia while participating in intensive Spanish language training and living with a local host family.  From there, they will move to the campus of Zamorano University where they will interact with students from all over Central and South America.   Participants will enroll in 3 academic courses taught by UGA professors and will also participate in hands-on learning on the Zamorano campus for internship credit.

Weekend excursions and a week-long trip at the end of the program will ensure that you see much of what Honduras has to offer, including ancient Mayan ruins, the protected mountain slopes of Pico Bonito National Park, and the tropical Bay Islands on the Honduran coast.

Finally, students will have the opportunity to be matched with a US Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras.  If desired, UGA students will shadow a US Peace Corps volunteer for one week at their site in rural Honduras.
Proposed Courses:
»     ADSC 3660/3660L ‐ Warm Water Aquaculture: 3 hours
»     AAEC (HACE) 4910/6910 ‐ Int’l Agribusiness Marketing & Management: 3 hours
»     HORT 3010 ‐ Introduction to Vegetable Crops: 3 hours
»     AESC 3910 ‐ Int’l Agriculture Internship: 3 hours

*Note: All courses are taught in English

Estimated Cost:
»     $5,919 – includes: tuition, room and board, study abroad fee, estimated airfare, and immunizations  (* Note: this is the cost for the entire semester, which is comparable to many summer program costs)

»     Minimum $1,000 scholarship guaranteed to each participant
»     HOPE will cover tuition costs, if eligible

For more information, please visit and contact Carolina Robinson to set up an appointment to discuss the opportunity!

5. Maymester Course with International Focus: Disaster Management in the Middle East.

The  College of Public Health is offering a Maymester course entitled, "Disaster Management in the Middle East", DMAN 7353. For this course, two instructors will be brought in from Israel who have hands-on experience in the management of mass casualties in civilian populations. This is not a clinical but a management course, so it could be of significant benefit to students in different disciplines. The class will be offered in the morning session during the Maymester session.

Contact Dr. Cham Dallas if you have any questions [log in to unmask]

Registration for this course began Monday, March 30.



 6pm in MLC 268


7:00pm  Tate Student Center, Theater
Sponsored by Multicultural Services and Programs in conjunction with the Asian American Student Association for Asian American Heritage Month.

8. Film. La Graine et le mullet. April 22

Sponsored by the Department of Romance Languages. Abdellatif Kechiche's film, La Graine et le mulet (The Secret of the Grain), in French and Arabic with English subtitles, is screened in connection with Dr. Panivong Norindr's lecture the following afternoon. 7:00 P.M. - 9:15 P.M. Miller Learning Center Room 213. Contact: [log in to unmask]

9. COFFEE HOUR, Friday, April 24th

Memorial Hall, Ballroom
For more information contact International Student Life at (706)542-5867

10. AMNESTY FILM FESTIVAL, April 24-28th

"Become a Citizen of the World"
Sponsored by Amnesty International

Opening Night Friday, April 24th. Films showing from April 24-28th at Cine' in downtown Athens. The festival will feature the following films: "Trouble the Water", "Pray the Devil Back to Hell", "Letter to Anna", "Were the World Mine", "Favela Rising." Check at the Cine' listing of movies for more information.

11. SABOR LATINO/AMERICANO, Saturday, April 25th

Myers Quad
Sponsored by Students for Latino Empowerment

Don't miss "Sabor Latino/Americano" on Saturday, April 25th. The program will include food, dancing, and music! This event is open to everyone! For more information contact Ada at [log in to unmask]

12. Photography Exhibition: My India- Personal Reflections and Captured Moments. Ongoing through April 30.

Sponsored by the Office of International Public Service and Outreach and the Office of Institutional Diversity. My India- Personal Reflections and Captured Moments. Photography by UGA alumnus Eric Berg, and UGA professor and director of the Center for Asian Studies Farley Richmond. Reception for the artists held April 3, at 3:30 P.M. in Hill Atrium. Through Thursday, April 30, 2009. Georgia Center for Continuing Education, Hill Atrium. Contact: 706-542-6654, [log in to unmask]


Friday, May 8th
Memorial Hall, Ballroom
Sponsored by the International Student Life office

Both international and U.S. students are invited to participate in the International Graduation Ceremony on Friday, May 8th. To sign-up please e-mail Jackie Minus at [log in to unmask] Participation in the ceremony is free and open to everyone. Following the ceremony will be a brief reception. For more information contact ISL at (706)542-5867.

14.  Study Abroad Scholarship Section:

Upcoming Deadlines for Select Study Abroad Scholarships can be found listed here. You can also visit our website at for a more complete listing of additional scholarships that are available (including HOPE, departmental awards, country-specific awards, etc.)


This is a joint project of the member schools of SEC-AC (SEC Academic Consortium) and sponsored by IFSA-Butler Foundation.

--One UGA student will be selected to enroll for a full semester of credit at Queen's University, Northern Ireland through the ISFA-Butler study abroad program AND engage in a community service project in Belfast during 2010 Spring semester with other SEC scholarship recipients.Academic record, financial need and demonstrated leadership potential will be factors in the selection.

--Scholarship Award: $ 8,500 to apply towards IFSA-Butler program cost.

--HOPE and/or additional UGA financial aid may also apply; all majors considered

--Eligibility:  Open to all majors, must be UGA student in good standing, min. sophomore level during semester abroad, 3.0 GPA

--UGA Application Deadline: Sept. 1, 2009 (students must submit scholarship application to the UGA Office of International Education)

--Program Information:

A major center of cutting-edge academics and research located in the heart of Belfast; A member of the prestigious Russell Group of major research universities in the United Kingdom; An interesting range of courses in Irish studies; An active Student Union offers everything from concerts to political debates;  More than 140 social, cultural and sports clubs; Excellent indoor sports facilities and campus amenities

--Academics:  Flexible course selection means students can choose from more than 3,000 courses in 100 subjects; Courses are offered through 20 schools in three faculties: arts, humanities and social sciences; engineering and physical sciences; and medicine, health and life sciences; Many of the university’s departments rank among the highest in the U.K.;  Students typically take three courses per semester

--Subjects Available (Modules) & Link to QB Catalog :

--Housing:  Housing is in the main university housing complex, Queen’s Elms, within easy walking distance; Students live in single study-bedrooms with a private bathroom and shared kitchen and living facilities; Students prepare or purchase their own meals

--For more information and to obtain a UGA-Queen's University SEC-AC scholarship application, make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to begin the application process, review subject availability, etc. please contact the Office of International Education, 706-425-3274, [log in to unmask]

15. Unsubscribe: You can remove yourself from this listserv at any time. To unsubscribe from SISA-L:

- Visit the Listserv at UGA website at
- Then select: ‘Browse, Subscribe, Post, Search ’
- Type ‘SISA-L’ in the text box and hit ‘go’
- Select ‘Join or Leave the List’
- Type your e-mail in the box and select ‘leave the list’
- You will receive a confirmation automatically.

**Thank you for visiting the Study Abroad Office- We would enjoy feedback from you since your recent visit to our office.
Please take a moment to fill out our online evaluation at this link:

Lila R. Grisar
Office of Study Abroad
University of Georgia

**Thank you for visiting the Study Abroad Office- We would enjoy
feedback from you since your recent visit to our office.
Please take a moment to fill out our online evaluation at this link:

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