This week's announcements from ISL - Improving Student Life.

International Student Life events
1. Another first! Tea Talk!
2. Extra, Extra, Extra this week's Coffee Hour
3. Let us help you make plans for Thanksgiving
4. Fun filled Hiking Trip
5. Street Festival Volunteers Needed
6. Are we funding Human Rights Abuses in Our Own State?

Office of International Education Announcements
1. Immigration Assistance for the Week of    October 9-13, 2000
2. Sixteenth Annual UGA Study, Work, and      Travel Abroad Fair

Other University Events
1. Show off your musical and singing talents!
2. A Closer Look At Taiwan
3. UGA Women's Studies Program noon Speaker Series
4. UGA Women's Studies Program Noon Speaker Series
5. Elegant Salute VII: A Taste of the Orient
6. Family Day: Day of the Dead [Dia de los Muertos]!
7. Follow the Daily Routine of three Korean People living in Seoul.

International Student Life events
1. New from the World Ambassadors and ISL -  Tea Talk!  Come to the ISL
lounge at 210 Memorial Hall for some free tea and discussion.  Dr.
Marion Rice, former Department Head of Social Science Education will be
speaking on issues concerning North and South Korea.  It will be a great
time to discuss world issues as well as drink tea and meet new people!
Tea Talk will be held in the ISL lounge, 210 Memorial Hall, on Thursday,
October 19 at 5:30 pm.  Hope to see you there!

2. A very special treat, this week's coffee hour is sponsored by the
Hispanic Student Association and WUOG. Extra special treat, this week's
coffee is sponsored by Jittery Joe's.  As with all ISL Coffee Hours,
admission is FREE.  Memorial Hall Ballroom Friday, October 13, from
11:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

3. Want to spend "A Traditional Thanksgiving" with an American Family?
Here is your chance! Very limited space so contact the ISL office at

4. A perfect chance to view up close and personal the spectacular colors
of the North Georgia Mountains in Autumn.  The ISL office is hosting a
hiking trip to the North Georgia Mountains on Saturday, October 21,
2000.  Transportation cost $3.00. Just pack a picnic lunch and bring
extra money for dinner in Helen, Georgia.  Sign-Up at the  ISL Office
with $3 at 210 Memorial Hall to reserve your space!

5. We are excited, if you are excited so we want and need your help!
Come help plan the largest and most exciting Street Festival in Athens!
ISL Office is looking for volunteers to serve on committees for the
Third Annual International Street Festival on April 14, 2001.  We need
your help to plan this event.  We need energetic volunteers to help
with, advertising, fundraising,  performances, scheduling, and overall
coordination of the Festival.  Please remember that the planning stage
starts this month.  Please contact Saehee Chang at 542-5867 if you would
like to help with the International Street Festival!

6. Come hear Father Roy Bourgeois, founder of School of the Americas
Watch, Thursday, October 12, South P.J. Auditorium 7 p.m.  Co-sponsored
by Amnesty International.  Because knowing is half the battle.  For
further information contact Jennifer Bryant at 425-0181.

Office of International Education Announcements

1. October 11, 2000, F's walk-ins 9:30 am - 10 am.  October 13, 2000 J-s
and H1B's walk-ins canceled.  Call OIE for more details, 542-7903.

2. On Tuesday, October 24, 2000, 10:00 am until 3:00 p.m. the OIE will
sponsor the 16th Annual UGA Study, Work, and Travel Abroad Fair in the
Georgia Hall of the Tate Center. Representatives from over 80 study,
work, and travel abroad organizations from around the Globe will be
there to hand out information and answer questions. The cost is free.
For more information contact Deborah Andersen at 542-7903.

Other University Events
1) Want to show off your musical and singing talents?  Judy Jones, of
the musical singing group, The Classic Singers is looking for
international singers, instrumentalists, and other acts to perform music
from different countries at an upcoming performance!  Rehearsals have
already begun, but if you're interested in performing something from
your home country, you can contact her at 548-7664 or
[log in to unmask]  The show, Chansons de la Monde (Songs of the World)
will be held at the Georgia Museum of Art Auditorium on November 17, at
7:30 pm.

2. On Wednesday, October 25, 2000 from 2:00 - 3:30 PM, in Room 137, Tate
Student Center, the Center for Asian Studies, UGA.  will sponsor A
CLOSER LOOK at TAIWAN, an insightful introduction to Taiwan by featured
speaker Director General Andrew Kao.  Mr. Kao, a native of Taipei,
Taiwan, is Director General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
in Atlanta; the office serves as the Republic of China on Taiwan's de
facto consulate general in Southeastern United States. Taiwan has long
been held as a model of economic development and peaceful
democratization in East Asia.  Since 1971, however, Taiwan has been
unjustly ostracized from most inter-governmental organizations.  Mr. Kao
will address how a small island with scant resources has managed to
achieve economic prosperity and full-fledged democracy; Taiwan's
relations with Mainland China and the United States; and Taiwan's role
in the international arena.

3. October 13, "Perspectives on Creation of Women and World History: A
Biographical Encyclopedia".  John Haag, History and Karen Haag,
Freelance writer.  Tate Center, Room 140.  For more information contact
the Women's Studies Program at 542-2846.

4. October 20, "Bananas, Beaches, and Feminists:  UGA women's Studies in
Costa Rica".  A panel discussion moderated by Patricia Del Rey,
Director, Women's Studies Program and Coordinator, Costa Rica Study
Abroad Program.  Tate Center, Room 140.  For more information contact
the Women's Studies Program at 542-2846.

5. Join Friends of the Museum for their biennial fund raiser.  Elegant
Salute.  This year's gala, chaired by Devereux Burche, will have an
Asian theme, with a gourmet dinner of Eastern dishes by Lee Epting
Catering.  After dinner, guests can dance the night away to the tunes of
the Margaret Perrin Orchestra.  An exhibition of recent Asian
acquisitions will also be on view.  For details and reservations call
Wendy De Vaughn at 542-0437.

6. Join the Museum of Art for their fourth annual celebration of Dia de
los Muertos, a traditional Latin American festival.  Participants can
dress up in their Halloween costumes, enjoy folk music and dance by the
Atlanta-=based Grupo Cultura, and make traditional Mexican crafts.
Mexican-inspired refreshments will be served. Oct. 28th 10 a.m. to 12
p.m. at Georgia Museum of Art.

7.  Korean Film, Wednesday, October 18, 7:30 p.m. The Day A Pig Fell
into the well.  Admission $2 for Friends of the Museum and $2 for the
general public.  call for details. 542-GOMA.

8. Scary, Oozy, Slimy Day Volunteers needed for October 21, 2000 from
1-4 p.m. at Sandy Creek Nature Center.  To sign up call Stephanie Jones
or Rebecca Legum at 613-3615, ext. 230.
International Student Life
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International Activities Advisor, Leigh Poole
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