Phi Beta Delta Nominations

Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars is currently
accepting nominations for its spring induction. Students who have studied
abroad and meet the GPA requirements (3.1 for undergraduates; 3.5 for
graduates) are welcome to nominate themselves to become members. For
nomination materials, please contact Mary Ann Kelly at [log in to unmask] or
542-7903.  For more information on Phi Beta Delta, please see


Debate Between the Demosthenian Literary Society and the Oxford Union
Debate Teams

Please join us at an historic debate between the University of Georgia and
Oxford University debate teams. The topic of the debate will be "Genetic
Research and Manipulation Has Gone Too Far". It will be held on February
21, 2002 at 8:00 p.m. in the Chapel.


Program Representative Visit/Scholarship Opportunity

Representatives from Consortium International University (CIU) will be
visiting UGA on September 20th to discuss their study abroad program in
Paderno del Grappa, Italy. The program specializes in upper level classes
business courses, but also offers other courses. The consortium consists of
more than 30 accredited, nationally known state universities and is
coordinated through the University of Kansas. Please e-mail Sally Vandiver
at [log in to unmask] for the time and location of the meeting. For
more information on CIU's programs, please see:

This year the Consortium will be offering scholarships in the range from
$100 to $500 to students from schools that have five or more students
enrolled in the summer program. There is a possibility that UGA students
will have the opportunity to compete for these scholarships. Please contact
Sally Vandiver at [log in to unmask] for more information on the


Escape the Norm Campaign

The Escape the Norm campaign would like to announce two exciting
travel-oriented events!  An International Travel-On-A-Budget Presentation
will be held at Tate Student Center at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 20.
Information and literature concerning international travel will be
presented with an opportunity for questions and answers.

Also, on Thursday, Feb. 21 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., an International
Travel Fair will be held at Tate Student Center in the Reception Hall.
Representatives from local travel agencies and from different study abroad
programs will be providing literature and answering your questions at
designated tables.  The Escape the Norm campaign is a campaign developed by
the University of Georgia's Bateman National Competition Public Relations
Team to promote international group travel for 18 to 35-year-olds.


Avignon, France Program Information Sessions

The UGA Avignon Study Abroad Program will be holding the following Q & A
sessions about their fall 2002 program in Avignon, France.
DATES:                                       TIME:              LOCATION:
Thursday, February 21                   3-5:00 P.M.             326 Baldwin
Monday, March 11                        3-5:00 P.M.             326 Baldwin
For more information about the program, please see:


Scholarships for Study Abroad

There are several scholarship deadlines approaching soon. The Regents and
SCOG Scholarships are due March 1. If you will be attending a program in
Australia or New Zealand through Butler Institute for Study Abroad, the
application deadline  is March 15.  The deadline for the Freeman Asia
scholarships for summer programs to Asia is March 1. For more information
on these and other scholarships for study abroad, see:

The American University in Cairo is pleased to announce the 2002 Simpson
Scholarships in Egyptology for outstanding students of all nationalities
who are of junior or senior standing in a college or university outside of
Egypt at the time they apply. Simpson Scholarships provide an award of
$2500 per semester (not to exceed two consecutive semesters) to
undergraduate students who enroll in the Study Aboard Program at The
American University in Cairo and concentrate their studies in Egyptology.
Applicants must have their home university's permission to study abroad and
must be accepted by AUC into the Study Abroad Program before April 15,
2002. Those receiving the award are required to enroll in a minimum of
three Egyptology courses for each semester they are receiving the award and
will be required to maintain a 3.3 GPA in these courses for the scholarship
to be renewed for the second semester. For full details, please contact us
in the New York
Office at [log in to unmask]


Announcement from the U.S. Department of State (for students going abroad
this summer)

Bureau of Consular Affairs

February 8, 2002


Travel Safety Information for Students

As the time approaches for spring or summer breaks, many college students
are getting ready for that much anticipated trip abroad.  Most will have a
safe and enjoyable adventure, but for some, the trip will become a
nightmare.  A number of ruined vacations are caused by one or more of the
following: drugs, alcohol and disorderly behavior.

Each year, more than 2,500 American citizens are arrested abroad--about half
on narcotics charges, including possession of very small amounts of illegal
substances.  A drug that may be legal in one country may not be legal in a
neighboring nation.  Some young people are victimized because they may be
unaware of the laws, customs, or standards of the country they are

Besides drugs, alcohol can also get U.S. citizens in trouble abroad.
Students have been arrested for being intoxicated in public areas, for
underage drinking, and for drunk driving.  Some young Americans go abroad
assuming that local authorities will overlook such conduct. Many believe
that they are immune from prosecution in foreign countries because they are
American citizens.  The truth is that Americans are expected to obey all of
the laws of the countries they visit, and those who break these laws
sometimes face severe penalties, including prison sentences.

Disorderly or reckless behavior is also to be avoided.  In many countries,
conduct that would not result in an arrest here in the U.S. constitutes a
violation of local law.  It is crucial that young Americans be aware of this
risk as they are enjoying their time abroad.

Being arrested is not the only thing that can happen on a foreign vacation.
Young Americans have suffered injury or even death from automobile
accidents, drowning, and falls, in addition to other mishaps.  While these
accidents are sometimes chance occurrences, many are caused by alcohol or
drug abuse.  Sadly, other Americans have been raped or robbed because they
have found themselves in unfamiliar locales or are incapable of exercising
prudent judgment while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Remember:  Reckless behavior while in another country can do more than ruin
your vacation; it can land you in a foreign jail or worse!  To have a safe
trip, avoid risky behavior and become familiar with the basic laws and
customs of the country you plan to visit before you travel.  To obtain more
information about traveling abroad, check the Department of State's web site


TAships for French Speakers at Syracuse University

If you are interested in pursuing an MA in French (or another subject, but
are fluent in French) at Syracuse University, this opportunity might be of
interest to you:
Positions open for Syracuse University MA program in French, The TAship
Total remitted tuition + approx. $10,000 annual stipend
Teaching requirement of 4 hrs French language credit/week
Application deadline 1 May 2002
For application forms and more information, contact Prof. Paul J.
Archambault, 305 HBC, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY  13244, Tel: 315
443-5487, e-mail: [log in to unmask]


Position Announcements in International Education

Assistant Director for Programs Abroad
Center for International Education
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee

Programs Abroad Advisor
Center for International Education
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee

For the full announcement, please reply to this message.


Student Quotes

-From a student on Semester at Sea
"In Japan, the people are overly polite. They are the nicest and most
hospitable people I've ever been around."

-From a student studying in Spain
"Our Senora speaks no English. It is good for our Spanish language
improvement though. It is fun to try and communicate with her."

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