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I need some students bad.  I have had a ton of job openings called in and I
don't have anyone to put in them.  With the associates in forestry we are
offering now graduates can go to work with DNR or GFC and make nearly
$30,000 a year to start so most of my graduates are going that direction.
This is leaving a lot of openings in the private sector.

Do you know any current students at any schools that might be interested in
working out some type of early entry program or do you know of any past
students that might be interested in forestry?  If you have any ideas let
know.  I contact Pierce, Bacon, and Ware county already.


If you know of anyone that would like some help with a forestry related
programs let me know.  I would be glad to help out any way I can.

I was talking with Rodney Kellum yesterday about starting a field day
similar to May Day.  We would like to offer some nice prizes and the like.
Would there be a possibilty of that working in with the busy schedule of
Forestry Competitions?

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