You or anyone can see all the messages ever posted to one of our
Ag Ed Listservs on the Internet. You might want to do that if for
some reason you cannot get into your e-mail account, or if you are
not getting the listserv e-mails. Ther are many reasons you might
not get your e-mail.

An Ag teacher recently was not getting e-mail because of a problem
with his account. If he had reviewed the messages on the website
he would have known he was out of the loop and was uninformed
on a very important item.

Here is what you do to review every message sent to the Ag Ed
listserv over the past months and years.

Go to:
Click on: Browse, Subscribe, Post, Search
Scroll down to either
Chose the month/year you want to review messages for

In this way, the listserv also serves as an archieve for our
memos from the state and region offices as well as messages
from individual members. For example, if the region meeting
has been changed then the e-mail announcing the change
would be on the listserv.

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