The staff here at International Student Life wanted to send out a quick
email to all of you to say THANK YOU very much for your participation,
volunteerism and support of this year's International Education Week.  It
has been a fantastic success - due in large part to your efforts!!!

A special THANK YOU and KUDOS to the student organizers of the 2003
International Education Week:
Allison Krache
Anjali Philipose
Meri Poghosyan
Anya Ratushunyak

You ladies were all wonderful and a pleasure/joy to work with.  Thank you SO
much for your hard work and dedication to international students and
international education.

Again, thank you to all of the volunteers and participants.  We look forward
to next year!

-ISL Staff

International Student Life
University of Georgia
210 Memorial Hall
Athens, Georgia 30602-3108

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Leigh Poole, Coordinator
Ana Bonfante, International Student Advisor
Jackie Minus, Administrative Assistant
Jeongyi Lee, Graduate Assistant