Additional Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunity for Students Attending UGA

The OIE has received additional funds to support 11 more students for STARS
Work Stipends. The stipends are $500 and involve a work requirement during
either spring semester or early summer term. However, for these stipends,
students will not work for the OIE, but rather, will work for their program
directors. Therefore, students must be planning to attend a UGA study
abroad or exchange program. For the exchange programs, they must have a
director who is outside of the OIE.

Students must negotiate the number of hours of work required with their
program director, who must also agree to supervise the student worker. In
the OIE, students work 71 hours over the course of a semester for these
stipends. Most program directors will probably request a similar number of
hours. All work must be completed prior to departure of the program and
between Jan. 26 and Jun. 30, 2004.

Deadline for application: December 16, 2003. Applications can be downloaded
(or go to the main OIE web site: and choose, Study
Abroad, Financial Aid and Scholarships, then go to the bottom of that page
and select General Scholarships).

Selection will be based on financial need, academic merit and work skills.

Note: Students who applied for a STARS Stipend to work in the OIE but did
not receive one may reapply for this stipend if they plan to attend a UGA

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