A brief update re Tetrahymena EST data. All EST sequences from the Genome
Canada PEP project, the most recent batch sequenced mostly at TIGR, that I
informed people about a few weeks ago have been submitted to GenBank. TIGR
has now reconstructed their Tetrahymena Gene Index
as of January 25, 2005 to include all Tetrahymena EST sequences in

TtGI as a first approximation is a mirror of PEPdb PUB and vice versa
although TtGI has all ESTs in GenBank, not just PEP ESTs. There are
features that may make one database more appropriate for a particular
function than the other and with both, extensive analysis should be
possible. TtGI is BLASTable and sequences are downloadable, as are of
course the sequences from GenBank. TtGI is also keyword searchable. There
are now 12,122 unique Tetrahymena ESTs in total from the various libraries
and individual GenBank entries.  The majority of these are from the
conjugative library although as mentioned previously, may not all be
conjugation specific.

I hope that this information adds to the value of the various EST
sequencing projects now completed. Please let Jyoti Garg ([log in to unmask])
or myself know if you have any questions. Direct questions about TtGI to
TIGR as per the TtGI www site. Remember that Jonathan Eisen has no
involvement with TtGI so please do not direct questions about TtGI to


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