To all members of the Tetrahymena research community,

 On behalf of Ted Clark and myself, it is with great pleasure that I inform you that the
National Center for Research Resources at the NIH has funded a Stock Center for
Tetrahymena thermophila to be located in our laboratory at Cornell University. This
center will merge many of the large Tetrahymena collections that currently exist, and
serve as a repository for new strains as they are developed.  These will be made
available to the community at large at a nominal cost. We are grateful for all of the
help and support we have received from the entire Tetrahymena research
community as we have worked to make this Stock Center a reality.
 We will keep everyone appraised of our progress initially using this listserve, and
eventually through the web site which will be developed for the Stock Center.

Again, many thanks for your encouragement and support throughout this process.


Donna Cassidy-Hanley