Dear Ciliate Researchers,

We have begun entering Tetrahymena thermophila macronuclear gene names
into a field in the Tetrahymena Genome Database reserved for
standardized names.  We are doing our best to identify each published
gene with a name that conforms to the guidelines agreed upon by the
community, published in the  Genetic Nomenclature Rules paper (Allen,
SL et al., Genetics. 1998 May;149(1):459-62;  At the moment we have only
entered names into this “Standard Name” field that conform to the
general format: three capital letters followed by an integer, all in
italics, that form a unique identifier in Tetrahymena thermophila (e.g.
BTU2).  Roughly half of the 200 published macronuclear gene names we
have identified in the literature have been entered so far.  These
names are being displayed in the appropriate places on our website
(Search Results, Literature Guide, etc.).

For the other 100 genes we have identified, we have not found names
that conform to the standard gene name format.  We have made a list of
these genes and will be contacting authors soon for assistance choosing
identifiers for these genes in our database.  A few provisions allowing
for gene names that do not follow the standard format are listed in the
gene naming guidelines; for non-standard names that authors choose not
to update, we need to clarify the spelling, punctuation, spacing,
capitalization, and italicization of the name they have chosen.
Factors like these affect all of the data storage, presentation, and
searching performed at TGD, so we have to be certain about the names we
have gathered.  We have also identified a small number of naming
conflicts that we will be inquiring about at this time.

Thank you in advance for your help with this process.

The Staff at TGD