During the last week there has been much excitement about a Mongolian or
Lesser Sand-plover observed in Gearhart, Oregon last week.

There is/was much discussion on what its proper name because of it has been
(or soon will be split).  Do we call it a Mongolian with Lesser Sand-plover
being a different species?

Mike Patterson of Astoria Oregon quoted form Paulson's new book:

"Several subspecies across a wide range form two subspecies groups.
_Mongolus_ group of northeast Asia, from which North American vagrants
come, have white forehead and narrow black band infront of rufous
breast in breeding plumage.  Members of _atrifrons_ group, which breed
in central Asia, have black forehead and no black bordering breast

The photo of the 1986 bird, credited to Al McGie, in "Rare Birds
of Oregon" shows substantial white in the forehead and is listed as
an adult in breeding plumage.

Pictures of the bird may be seen at


Doug Robberson
Tigard, OR