September 21st deadline for entry forms for all horticulture events for
the upcoming Georgia National Fair this inculdes the plant identification

Reminder : The Horticulture Plant Identification Contest begins @ 9 a.m. -

                All teams must be checked in and present by 8:45 a.m.

To registered for the Saturday Plant Identification Contest -
you must email your entries to [log in to unmask] by September 21st
Send the below information:

1. Chapter Name and Advisor
2. Contest Name and Names of Student(s) participating


Example:     1. Chapter: Sunrise High, Advisor: Sonny Hillsman
             2. Junior Floriculture Contest (individual) : Jay Boose
             3. Senior Floriculture Contest (team):  Mike Smith, Sue
                        Brown, Macy Gray & Ted Williams
             4. Senior Nursery Landscape (team): Bett Ohara, Eileen
                        Mikey, Greg House, Frank Martin
             5. Junior Nursery Contest (individual): Shea Hausen

** if you have any questions please call **

Teams Registered as of today:

Junior Floriculture:
A.      Team
        1. Appling County Middle School - Glenn Williams - (4 member team)

        2. Brantley County - Richard M. Gill (Advisor)-(4 member team)

B.      Individual
        1. Appling County Middle School - Glenn Williams - 3 individuals

        2. Brantley County - Richard M. Gill (Advisor)- 2 individuals

Dr. Teri Hamlin
North Region Agriculture Education
Georgia Department of Education
Four Towers, University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia  30602