The most frequent request I get each Fall is from new or first - year
teachers about livestock shows their students are eligible for . It's
gotten impossible to keep up with every show and Fair in north Georgia let
alone the state . I have talked to Dr. Flanders about creating a link on
our web site that would list every show , other than county shows , across
the state and even beyond our borders that  are available to livestock
exhibitors of all species . A teacher could go to that site , print the
list and make it available to exhibitors and families that might be
interested .

 To do this we need your help . Other than county shows please send me an
area show that you are aware of . The following information is needed to
make this worth the effort .

Name Of Show  ---

Location of Show ---  City and State

Date(s) of Show ---

Contact Person(s)  Including a Phone Number/Email Address ---

Species Involved ---  Example; Dairy Heifers Only ; Beef Heifers Only ;
Market Lambs , etc  ( Be specific )

Please include shows already held and thru June 2006 .  Remember this also
includes all the fairs . The contact person may be you , your local county
agent or a person in your community ( we need the person in charge ) .

This list that we start with can be built on each year and can be helpful
to all teachers but especially those beginning their career . So this
won't drag out we need this by next Wednesday  .  Take 2 minutes and help
us out  .


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