Recently, Mark Morgan was named Teacher of the Year at Berrien County High

Mark has taught at BHS for 8 years in the areas of basic agriculture,
horticulture and agricultural mechanics.  He has taken several teams to
state CDEs in both horticulture and agricultural mechanics as well as two
teams to the National Agriscience Fair.

While Mark has been at BHS, there has been one State Farmer, one area
Agriscience Student of the year, several state and national degree
recipients and at least one state proficiency finalist.

Most importantly, the FFA members love Mr. Morgan and appreciate all he
does for them.

Through FFA activities, Mark was invited to become a member of the Better
Hometown Board of Directors as well as a participant in Leadership
Berrien, a group working with the Chamber of Commerce dedicated to
promoting economic development in the county.

In addition to all he does at the school and in the community, Mark and
his wife Sylena have three daughters Ada, Anna, and Addie.
Coincidentally, Addie, his youngest daughter, was born the same week he
received the Teacher of the Year Award.

At this time, he is being interviewed for our county wide Teacher of the
Year.  We are proud of his accomplishment and all that he does to make our
chapter successful.

Congratulations to all Ag Teachers who have received this award over the
years.  We know you earned it!

God bless.