To all Program Participates,

I am excited to report that I have heard great success stories of Georgia chapters well on their way to reaching their goals!! South Effingham had a truck at a football game and sold 100 tickets and Fannin Co HS did the same and sold 158. If each chapter sells 512 tickets, we will reach our $200,000 goal.

Every chapter should be selling tickets  Every chapter should have their materials and be selling tickets. If you haven't started due to BOE approval, please let me know you status.

Picture with dealership This is a program requirement and should already been done. If you haven't made a picture with your dealership please schedule that as soon as possible.

Send in your picture for a chance at $500 Send a copy of your picture in your local newspaper and we will enter your chapter in to win $500. Please send clippings  to me at Rt. 3 Box 179-B, Ackerman, MS  39735. Also email me any digital pictures you have of your chapter and the dealer.

Events  Your chapter should have three community events where you have a truck on display. Football games are working well for a lot of chapters. Here are a list of ideas for you to plan events at: Please let me know any of your suggestions.
High school football games
Jr. High games
local jr college football games
soccer games
livestock shows
county fairs
state fairs
Ag expo
Hardware stores
Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart
Grocery stores
Events at dealership (radio remotes, tent sale)
Shopping mall

Dealer Communication You should be communicating with your dealership every two weeks. Let the dealer know how your program is going what you and your chapter have been doing to administrator it.

Student Incentives It is a good idea to offer student incentives to help raise tickets sales for your chapter. Just like in Fruit sales, it's a good idea to give "rewards" for the highest, 2nd highest, 3rd highest ticket sales person.

Keep the reports coming! I love hearing from you.

Shannon Mayo
FFA Hometown Scholarship Program