Hello Everyone!!
We are moving along in the program and still have 8 weeks left to sells tickets. I have been getting many success stories from chapters and dealerships. I just had the dealership from Swainsboro, GA reorder 144 T-shirts. I have already gotten many pictures and newspaper articles from many of you.

 Let's keep the excitement going and see who can reach our state goal and sell 520 tickets?? The first chapter to reach this and notify me,  I will come visit your chapter for a early bird reward party!

Please review the following and let me know if you have any question!  Don't forget to update my new cell number to 662.312.1958

I need your update Please email or call me with your program updates this week by Thursday, September 15th. I want to know how your ticket sales are, what events you have displayed a truck at, if you've taken your picture with your dealership, and see if there are any questions I can answer for you.

Send in your pictures If you have a clipping of your dealership/chapter picture from the paper, please mail it to me at Rt. 3 Box 179-B Ackerman, MS  39735. You may also email me any digital pictures. Any pictures will be added to our program website and your chapter will be entered into a drawing to win $500!!

Don't Forget.....
Events I have heard from many of you who are working on your second event to have a truck on display. Don't forget to plan with your dealership, three events. This is a great way to sell 100-200 tickets at one time. This is a easy way for your chapter to bring in $500-$1000 in one night for your chapter.

Dealership Communication You should be contacting your dealership contact every two weeks. You can still invite the dealer to any of your FFA meetings throughout the program. Discuss with your dealership: Your goals, how your chapter will benefit from this program, your incentives you are using, and future program ideas.

Program Website  Don't forget to use our program website as a resource for ideas and information throughout the program. Go to www.


Shannon Mayo
FFA Hometown Scholarship Program