Program Participants:

Thank you all for your updates last week. If you did not give me your program update last week please do so now.

Many of you have reported surpassing ticket sales from what you finished up with last year. This is amazing!! Don't forget the first chapter to record 520 tickets sold will receive me coming to your chapter and throwing your FFA chapter an early bird celebration!!

Please be sure you have changed the contact number you have for me to 662.312.1958

Please take the time to review the following:

County Fairs  Many of you have been using home football games as some of your community events to sell tickets. This has been successful, however many of you are entering into the county fair phase with your FFA chapter. Please use this opportunity to continue to sell tickets and display trucks but now instead of football games you are at your local county fairs. You will be capturing different people and if your chapter is going to be there anyway-why not sell tickets!

Commonly Asked Questions So Far:

When is the program over? November 7th
When do I turn in tickets? All tickets must be postmarked by November 7th
What do I do with the money from ticket sales? Once the program is over we will have a record of how many tickets each chapter sold. The state foundation will then invoice you for the $1 owed to state and national FFA. Please do not send any money in with your ticket stubs or to me.
What if someone doesn't want to give the $5 donation?   Someone may enter into the truck drawing and not give a donation. They should not receive the free t-shirt stub. You will not count that ticket as a "sold" ticket.

Shannon Mayo
FFA Hometown Scholarship Program