I have sent CDs on Agroterrorism to your Region Coordinators to be given out at your region meetings next week. This is an impressive piece of software, and I urge every teacher to use this with their MS/HS classes and Young Farmer groups. It comes in a plain white wrapper, but don't let that fool you - it is really good material as well as being timely. The CD is produced by the University of Kentucky and is free for any educational use. You can project the program for class use or make copies for each computer or put it on your computers' hard drives. It is best used as a self-paced instructional unit. There are two programs on the CD. One is for general audiences and the other is for training adults. There are 5 modules of instruction and I am estimating that it would take a HS student about 15 minutes to go through each one in detail.

The Agroterrorism CD has a certificate that can be printed to give to your students/YFs -- but, it has Kentucky all over it. We can design a certificate especially for Georgia if there is interest and send it to you e-mail. I think that if your classes or YFs go through this training that it is a news-worthy item for the paper as well.

I am also sending the Region Coordinator the other CDs and DVDs, such as Poultry, Water and Meats, that some of you have requested. If you have requested these CDs/DVDs, there should be an envelope at your region meeting with your name on it.

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