Teachers, there have been a few questions concerning the Georgia 
Invitational Tree Identification Contest information that I pass on 
yesterday from the Oconee County FFA Alumni and Sidney Bell. 

This contest is a change of date from what is in some of the Regional 
Calendars.  There will be no other Tree ID contest at Braselton, only the 
one on Saturday, Sept. 17.   Jimmy Mock is not doing the competition like 
he has done in the past.   The Oconee FFA Alumni is sponsoring the contest 
this year.   

Also, the form that was sent out did not have a place for you to indicate 
how many you are bringing  Below is the corrected form. 

Please contact Sidney Bell  [log in to unmask]   if you have additional questions on this competition. 

Send checks made payable to Oconee County FFA Alumni and send to: 
Jessica Smith 
1051 Norris Dr. 
Bogart, GA 30622 

Please indicate the number of people who will be attending. 

Georgia Invitational Tree Identification Contest 

Saturday, September 17th 2005 

Sponsored by Oconee County FFA Alumni, Sidney Bell & Bill Lott; 
Warnell School of Forest Resources 
Thompson Mills Forest, Braselton, GA 
Sidney Bell (706) 769-6655 ext. 267 
Bill Lott (706) 654-2666 


        Lunch ? 11:30 to 12:30 p.m. 
        Contest ? 11:30 to 2:00 p.m. (contestants can take test before lunch) 
        Awards ? 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. 


1.        The Tree ID contest is open to any FFA or 4-H member in Georgia. 

2.        Each chapter or club may enter up to twenty (20) individuals. A 
team will consist of five (5) individuals, and must have a full team 
competing before team awards are presented.  If an FFA Chapter or 4-H Club 
does not have a complete team or has less than two (2) teams in a 
division, contestants may participate as individuals. 

3.         Team members must be designated before competition begins. 

4.         Junior teams will be composed of 9th grade and below.  Senior 
teams will be composed of 10th ? 12th grade students. 

5.        Contestants should bring a pencil and a clipboard.  Contestants will be furnished with a word bank of trees common to both 

6.        Each Junior contestant will identify species of trees that are 
common to both the FFA Natural Resource CDE and the 4-H Club Junior 
Forestry event (approximately 35 to 40 species). 

7.        Each Senior contestant will identify species from the FFA 
Forestry CDE or 4-H Senior Forestry contest (approximately 60 species). 

8.        Samples of species may be the entire tree, small limbs, or leaf 
sprays.  Ties will be broken by additional samples or with cones, nuts, 
seeds, and berries. 

9.        The will be an Adult contest for teachers, agents, former FFA 
and 4-H members, college students, parents, and other adults.  Trees will 
be selected form the senior list. 

Scoring for the Junior, Senior, and Adult contest will be the same.  One 
(1) point will be awarded for each correct answer. 

Plaques and cash will be awarded to the following, if the winning teams 
have the five (5) required individuals: 

        Teams                Highest Placing        1st Place Senior Team 
2nd Place Senior Team 
1st Place Junior Team 
2nd Place Junior Team 

        Individuals        Highest Placing        Senior FFA Individual 
Senior 4-H Individual 
Junior FFA Individual 
Junior 4-H Individual 
Adult Individual 

Individual awards will be presented as follow: 
        1 thru 10 individuals competing- One (1) award presented 
        11 thru 25 individuals competing- Two (2) awards presented 
        26 and more individuals competing- Three (3) awards presented 

Please make your reservation for the contest by postmarking your 
registration form by Saturday, September 10, 2005. 

For directions or list of area hotels available in the Athens, Oakwood, 
and Braselton area please call: Sidney Bell at (706) 769-6655 ext. 267 or 
Jessica Smith at (706) 255-2897 

Registration Form 

Must be postmarked by Saturday, September 10, 2005 

County or School:  ___________________________________________ 

FFA______    or        4-H_______

Agent or Teacher:  ___________________________________________ 

Phone number:  _____________________________________________ 

Number of Senior Team(s) _______ 

Number of Junior Team(s) _______ 

Number of Individuals __________ 

Others ________ 

Total that will be attending _____________  X $5.00 = ______________ 
amount enclosed. 

Please make checks payable to the Oconee FFA Alumni. 

*Please include $5.00 per individual to assist with meal. (Hamburgers, 
Hotdogs, Chips, and Drinks) 

*Checks made payable to:  Oconee County FFA Alumni 

*Please print and mail registration form and check to: 
      Jessica Smith 
      1051 Norris Dr. 
      Bogart, GA 30622 
      Phone: (706) 255-2897         

Must be postmarked by Saturday, September 10, 2005