**The following important information applies to all UGA
students who are participating in a study abroad program
through another IN-STATE PUBLIC COLLEGE, including several
popular programs through Valdosta State, Georgia Tech, and
West Georgia.

[If you are participating in a study abroad program at an in-
state PRIVATE college, such as a program through Emory,
similar regulations will apply, although perhaps not exactly
as below.  Contact the financial aid office of the school
whose program you are attending for details.]

1).  A regulation change was communicated to UGA Financial
Aid by the state only a few days ago, and then subsequently
from Financial Aid to us.

Previously, once the Credit Approval Form was completed, a
student studying abroad on another system school’s program
was awarded the equivalent of UGA tuition for the number of
hours enrolled.

2).  UNDER NEW REGULATIONS, UGA students enrolling elsewhere
in the University System of Georgia as a transient student
for purposes of study abroad will be treated the same as
other within-system transient students.

That is, the HOPE amount will be awarded by the host
institution – NOT by UGA – and will be based on the tuition
rate for the hours at the HOST institution.

3).  Rather than actually awarding you HOPE, UGA’s Financial
Aid office will communicate to the host institution
(Valdosta State, say, or West Georgia) that you are eligible
so the institution can award it themselves.

4).  Because of this change, which is EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY,
including for summer 2006, students enrolling at another
system institution for the summer for study abroad purposes
need to complete the HOPE transient agreement:

This is IN ADDITION to the Credit Approval Form which you
may have already completed or be in the process of

**NOTE that this change DOES apply to students who have
already been advised in our office for summer or fall 2006.
You should also be receiving notification from Financial
Aid; please complete the form above as soon as possible to
ensure receipt of your HOPE money for summer 2006.

5).  This change and additional form do not apply to anyone
going on a UGA faculty-led program (with UGA resident
credit), nor to anyone attending a study abroad program
hosted by an out of-state institution or organization (UNO
at Innsbruck, API Florence, etc.).   Also, this change does
not affect the disbursement of federal aid such as Pell and

EXAMPLE:  A UGA student attending a European Council program
through Valdosta State would fill out both the Credit
Approval Form and the transient agreement form referenced
above.  He or she would receive federal aid from UGA and
HOPE from Valdosta State (at the Valdosta State tuition

Again, please fill out the form above as soon as possible to
ensure receipt of your HOPE money for summer 2006.  If you
have questions, you may contact our office (2-7903) or
Financial Aid.

Dr. Kasee Clifton Laster
Associate Director of Study Abroad
Office of International Education
University of Georgia

209 Barrow Hall