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Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2006 3:51 PM
Subject: Brand New Multicultural Living-Learning Community in O-House Fall 2007!


Are you open-minded?

Would you like to live in a multicultural learning community with students who celebrate diversity?

Apply to reside in One World next year and get a shot at being an inaugural member of a new learning community in O’House.

Go to the Housing website for One World info and applications (due January 9):


One World: Multicultural Residential Learning Community


Additional info:

One World, UGA’s first and only Multicultural Residential Learning Community, will begin its inaugural year in fall 2007.

Located in O’House, One World is dedicated to learning about and celebrating multiculturalism, creating a welcoming and culturally-attuned community.

One World will offer a wide range of programs, such as informal dinners with faculty, on-campus retreats, and workshops on a series of multicultural topics.

One World members will be a select group of 20 students from an application process that gleans what they will bring to and gain from the community.

All people are cultural beings; One World residents will not be required to be minorities.

Living in One World immerses members in a diverse group of students who value diversity, but residents can request a roommate who is not an official member.