Even though it's two months away now is the time to start planning to participate in our state's largest industry related CDE -- Poultry .   A few suggestions are :

1 -- Plan to acquire some live birds from a poultry service person for your class to practice with --  this includes layers( 4 birds for placing ) and market breeders ( 8 birds for keep/cull ) .  
2 -- Collapsible wire cages are handy to keep birds in and for your students to view and to learn how to properly handle birds . Cages are available from Collapsible Wire Products --  visit www.collapsiblewireproducts.com  .  This company has poultry cages , pigeon , rabbit , turkey , geese , etc .   Collapsible cages are handy because they are easily stored .
3 -- You need an Egg Candling Light . These are available from Nasco . Call 1 - 800-558-9595 if you need a Nasco Farm & Ranch catalog .
4 -- The Poultry Science Manual , 5th edition , is a must to train a poultry team . The entire contest is outlined and every class is covered in this manual . These are available from the Texas A&M Instructional Materials Center . Visit www-ims.tamu.edu  to order manuals and other poultry teaching materials .
5 - For complete information about our Junior and Senior Division contests refer to CDE's on our ag ed website .

Last year we had some 60 teams in our state contest . This is a contest that can be taught without leaving your classroom ,  is very consumed oriented and touches on all facets of the gigantic poultry
 industry .  
Hope your chapter is represented on March 10 !  

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