This is simply a reminder that you have until the end of this week to register for the mid-winter Agriculture Teachers Conference if you wish to try for plu credit.  Also be reminded that the GVSDC is now called the CTAE Resource Network. Due to some changes in the organization, you will only get a certificate of completion for attending the mid-winter conference. You can work it out with your local school system staff development coordinator to be awarded PLU credit for your attendance. If you are not registered on-line for the mid-winter conference you will not receive a certificate of completion.

Listed below is the instructions from the CTAE Resource Network on how to get registered. Please call if you have any questions or concerns.


John (Chip) Bridges
Region Coordinator
North Region Agricultural Education
204 Four Towers - UGA
Athens, Ga. 30602
(706) 542-3679
Fax: (706) 542-9602
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Re: AG-ED Mid Winter Conference

My suggestion would be as follows:
Go to
1. Click on the "Professional Development" portal.
2. Click on the "If you want to View or Sign Up for a Workshop" portal.
3. Select "Option 1" to the left of this page if you have taken a GVSDC workshop previously.
     Other options are listed for those who have never taken a workshop and/or who have forgotten
     their "former/current" password
4.  Enter the "current/former" usename that has been in the GVSDC system with your record.  This
    is to be entered on the left of this screen......After entering this, the next screen will confirm your name    
    and take you through the process of getting a permanent CTAE network password:  When it
    does, key the first three letters of your last name plus the last four number of your social security.
        (example:  Synder, Phil with a sample ss# of XXX-XX-XXXX would enter:
                                  "syn4745" and click to confirm.
THIS WILL NOT BECOME THE NEW PASSWORD AND PERMIT REGISTRATION TO CONTINUE FOR WORKSHOP LISTED.   Next go to Agricultural Education ....then locate the Mid-Winter Conference...and click on the indicator listing in the upper right hand corner of the workshop description.   It should say
"Sign Up Here"
If it still does not work, send an e-mail to [log in to unmask] with name, system, home and school phone number -- indicating a problem with the CTAE/GVSDC Network.     Someone will get back in touch
by Monday, Feb. 4th to assist.