Over 100 teachers attended Dr. Wade's presentation on Landscape Estimating and Bidding software at the recent Mid-Winter Conference. He did a great introduction to this product in the limited time frame.

As I promised at the meeting, I am requesting that those of you who would like to have an expanded workshop on this subject respond to this email and let me know of your interest. Dr. Wade has agreed to do the workshop this summer or another time if there is enough interest. I think he said we would need a minimum of two days. Activities would include
a detailed review of use of the software and a hands-on activity at a landscape site. The activity would involve preparing a bid for the site and presentation to the group. The group would evaluate the bids and select a bidder for the landscape job. This same activity can be used in your in-school classes.

Please respond:

_____  Yes or No. I am interested in attending a workshop on landscape estimating and bidding software.

If you are ready to purchase the software, here is the link. It is a for-sale item.
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