At last years state market hog show the GJSB announced plans to give away
ten $500 scholarships and this will happen on Thursday at the state show.
Below are the guidelines that will be followed. Good luck to all seniors.


*ShowTec/Georgia Junior Swine Boosters*

*Senior Swine Scholarships*

The ShowTec Scholarships are independent of and have no association with the
Junior Premium Catalog Scholarships.

Eight scholarships will be awarded based on points accumulated from
showmanship and skillathon placings.

Two scholarships will be awarded to the students, by the students.

After 12th grade showmanship, 12th grade exhibitors will vote for 1 female
and 1 male exhibitor to receive scholarships.

Points will be awarded for Senior showmanship as follows:

1-100                             5-92                      9-84

2-98                               6-90                      10-82

3-96                               7-88

4-94                               8-86

Exhibitors selected in their Heat  75

All other participating exhibitors  65

Points will be awarded for Senior skillathon as follows:

Exhibitors will receive one point for each correct answer.  Skillathon test
will consist of 100 questions.

Exhibitors *must* participate in all three segments of the scholarship
selection process to be eligible for a $500 ShowTec Scholarship.

The three segments are:

                                      Senior Showmanship

                                         Senior Voting

                                         Senior Skillathon

*Senior voting and Skillathon will take place 30 minutes after the
conclusion of Senior Showmanship.*

The location of the vote and Skillathon will be announced *before* Senior
Showmanship begins.

Contestants' numbers must be worn during showmanship, voting and the
skillathon contests.

Exhibitors can pickup their contestant numbers at the announcer stand before
Senior Showmanship, beginning at 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

*An exhibitor can only receive one ShowTec $500 scholarship.

*Scholarship winners and parents will be asked to sign a release form so
photographs can be used for publicity purposes.

*No one except participating Senior exhibitors and contest officials will be
allowed in the contest area during the voting and skillathon.

*Once the skillathon begins, no talking or communication will be allowed.  No
cell phones allowed in the skillathon area.

*Special needs assistance will be available for the skillathon with prior

Contact Tim Varnedore  [log in to unmask], Tommy Waldrop -
[log in to unmask] Steve Morgan 
[log in to unmask] by


*All decisions made by the scholarship committee are final.

*There will be no appeal process.

*The scholarship committee reserves the right to make any changes they deem
necessary to this process.

*If an Exhibitor is disqualified from the State Market Hog Show for any
reason, this will result in a forfeiture of all ShowTec scholarship
premiums, as well as any other prize money associated with Georgia Junior
Swine Boosters.

Exhibitors can go to the following web site to obtain information to use in
studying for the Skillathon.  This website can be used to help prepare, but
other information including this website may be included on the skillathon

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region