Hall of Fame nominations are due by November 15. Please consider nominating a deserving Agriculture Educator. The qualifications, current members and a link to the application are shown below. If you have any questions, please contact me. The Hall of Fame is sponsored by the FFA Alumni Association.  Gary Farmer

Employment as a teacher of Agriculture Education for a minimum of twenty-five years or a combination of teaching and years of direct service in Agricultural Education such as an agriculture teacher educator, or an administrative or a service position such as an area teacher, region coordinator or state agriculture education director.  A person with less than twenty-five years of service may be considered if the person died in service or if the person has a disability preventing continued service in Agriculture Education. One person currently teaching or in a direct service position as described above may be elected to the Hall of Fame each year if they meet all other qualifications. The Hall of Fame Committee will choose up to five (5) qualified applicants per year.  Meeting all qualifications does not assure that the person will be elected to the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame committee will make the final selections from the most qualified nominees.

Current Hall of Fame Members
Lenoris Earl Abrams, Sr.
Avan T. Adams
Robert T. Allen, Jr.
Norman Alton
Benjamin S. Anderson, Sr.
William Austin 'W. A.'  Avery
Charles Bailey
James Neal Baker
Robert E. Balkcom
H. E. "Gene" Barnes
John Barnes
M. C. Berry
Thomas S. Boles, Jr.
J. Lamar Branch
James H. Braziel, Jr.
Kenneth Rogers Bridges
Phelps Brinson
Billy Brown
Thomas D. Brown
J. G. 'Whitey' Bryant
Louie G. Calhoun
Robert L. Canady
Morris Lamar Chapman
Earl H. Cheek
Brazle Hubert 'B.H.' Claxton
Elzie Argene Claxton
James Coleman
R.D. Coleman
James Raymond " J.R." Cook
Ira A. Dickerson
A. O. Duncan
J. Elton Dunn
D. Gary Farmer
Frank B. Flanders
Hailey A. Fleming
John K. Fletcher
W. L. Green
Ferman Gregory
Charles P. Griner
James Vern Ham
John Hawkins
Pete Herndon
Ira Hicks, Jr.
Samuel J. Hill
C. Fred Ingram
Maynard J. Iverson
Irvine B. Johnson
Melvin H. Johnson
Wilbur Johnson
H. I. Jones
Roscoe Conklin Keaton
John Kunney
St. Elmo Lee
A. P. Lewis
Albert L. Logan
John Felton Lowery
G. I. Maddox
Roger Madison
C. H. Majeski
George I. Martin
William Louis Mathis
Robert McGill
James A. Means
J.H. Mitchell
Jimmy H. Mock
Walter Jack Moore, Jr.
Henry R. Neal
James Richard Odum
George L. O'Kelley, Jr.
Huell B. O'Kelley
Clyde T. Outz
Ernest L. Partridge
Alfred O. Pearson, Sr.
Josiah Phelps
Roy E. Powell, Sr.
Henley Morris " H.M." Pulliam
Harold J. Ragan
Arvin Otis Ramay
Victor Leon Randolph
O. H. Rhodes
Andrew George Sadler, Sr.
Robert A. Sailors
L. M. Sheffer
Horace Simmons, Jr.
Fred A. Singleton
J. D. Smith
John F. Spence
Daniel L. Stephens
V. R. Stephens
M. R. Stewart
Edward H. Stowers
Alva Tabor, Sr.
H. Randall Tanner
Ralph H. Tolbert
James Tyson
Freddie J. Wakefield, Sr.
Elvin Walker
T. G. Walters
Thomas L. Washington, Sr.
Thomas C. Weaver
John T. Wheeler
Tom Whitfield
J. O. Williams
Loyd Johnson Williams
Larry Gene Williams
McKinley Wilson

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